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Our Resolute 4200 Window System boasts a premium-grade 3 ¼” deep Window System. Different than our Elite Series, our Resolute single hung windows have a non-tilting sash window, the horizontal slider window with single sliding sash, and fixed picture windows with a smooth frame design (not beveled). These windows may be mulled together to create unique window combinations for endless designs. The Resolute 4200 window combinations feature a simpler design, with fewer moving parts, so it’s easier to manufacture at a lower price point. Window combinations are easy to mull with our accessory pocket system during window installation. Our Resolute offers rock-solid reliability with clean lines and superior energy efficiency, specifically designed for our Hot Texas weather.

The Resolute features very clean sightlines, with big crystal clear views, so it’s not “bulky looking”, like much of our competition. Our Resolute works great in virtually any setting, whether as a premium replacement-grade window or in new construction projects! Available in many different styles, and it can be paired with other windows to create bigger, bolder and beautiful combinations. It’s available in our colors:  White, Almond, & Clay.


“We’re just looking for a good window,
but it doesn’t have to be your fanciest or most expensive (one).
We don’t want “cheap” because we already have cheap, but we’re looking for great quality and energy efficiency, but we don’t want to spend a lot of money”


Well, we listened! We created our Resolute 4200 as a direct result of what people have asked for since the day we opened our doors in 2007.







Our Resolute 4200 Windows are designed to pair to create bigger sets of window combinations. Joining several windows together to create bigger views is called “Mulling”. Mulling creates nearly limitless possibilities for different looks with big and beautiful crystal clear views. Some of the more common combinations include double and triple windows, called Twins and Triples. Single Hung Windows are often mulled with Picture windows in dual and single combination windows to create spectacular beautiful combination windows homeowners commonly use in front home elevations. We’ve listed just a few of the most commonly used premium custom windows, plus a few of our favorites ones. Visit our Remodelers Gallery for lots of custom window ideas. We hope that you have fun considering all your options. Call to schedule an appointment with a Ringer Windows Team Member to discuss premium custom window combinations with limitless option possibilities.

One of the cool design elements with our Resolute 4200 family of windows is how easily they mull together. Every Ringer Window has an ACCESSORY POCKET around the perimeter of these premium custom windows, inside and out. These accessory pockets accept special trims that we use to mull or trim-out our premium windows for nearly any application. Instead of transporting, lifting, and installing large and heavy sets of combination windows, our nifty accessory trims allow for a much easier installation.


Once correctly mulled with our proprietary trims, your premium custom windows are tightly sealed and secured with custom trims that blend into the window design so they are attractive and maintenance-free. All our custom windows are designed and built for an easy replacement window installation Austin installers prefer. Make sure to speak with a Ringer Windows representative if you have questions.

Our Resolute is truly a “one-and-done” window system AND it’s very affordable. Our Resolute 4200 provides decades of rock-solid reliability and unsurpassed energy efficiency that you simply can’t find elsewhere. At Ringer Windows, we are 100% factory direct and we install with our in-house crews, so you just won’t find a better deal anywhere else in Texas.

Want to see windows being manufactured? Maybe you’d like to physically see 40 full-size windows and doors, set in real world sized displays? Come visit Ringer Windows and our incredible Walk of Windows Showroom in Taylor, Texas.

All our custom windows are designed and built for an easy replacement window installation Austin installers prefer. Make sure to speak with a Ringer Windows representative if you have questions.

Visit our Window Showroom to Experience Quality Casement Windows and Awning Windows. Our Walk of Windows Showroom is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. We feature more than 35 different windows and doors, including our Awning and Casement windows.

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* Professional photos by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.


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