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Replacement Windows Trim Kit

At Ringer Windows, we tasked our system engineers to design highly versatile windows; to be high quality, super energy efficient, and custom-window oriented with lots of options. All Ringer Windows are designed to work well in both new construction settings as well as replacement vinyl windows applications. Very few window makers include this level of flexibility with all their vinyl windows.

The replacement windows Trim kits are a collection of specially designed accessory replacement window trims. These allow the installer to fill gaps, join windows, or create crisp edges with most replacement applications. These trims are designed to eliminate additional carpentry trim work while also improving the appearance of the finished installation.

Ringer Windows Accessory Pocket

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Snap Extension, Mull Strip, Bead Filler Trims

Our special accessory trims install into our windows using our proprietary accessory pocket feature. Both our Value Engineered Performa 3300 and our Premium Elite 5400 windows are made with an accessory pocket around the perimeter of the frame (on both the interior and exterior sides). This accessory pocket accepts one of three special trims.

replacement window trims

Snap Extension is scored to cut for a perfect fit

Snap Trim Extension

The first accessory in the replacement windows trim kit is our adjustable snap trim extension. This trim is only used in replacement windows applications. It simply isn’t needed for new construction. This versatile trim extends the perimeter of the window up to ¾”, as commonly required during window replacement. After installed, it provides a seamless extension of the window’s perimeter surface that eliminates the need to replace exterior trims, saving both time and expense.

Mull Strip

Replacement Windows trims Mull Strip for mulling Replacement Windows Austin

Mulled Strip for mulling replacement windows

The second accessory in our replacement windows trim kit is our mull strip. Mull Trims are used to join multiple windows into a single opening. This strip can go on any of the four sides of windows. This accessory trim is used extensively with both new construction and replacement windows applications. The ease of mulling windows has never been easier. NOTE: When ordering any set of windows that are designated to be mulled together, please advise us when placing the order. We will prepare these specific windows for mulling prior to delivery.

Replacement windows trim kit includes snap trim extensions for Austin Window Installations vinyl window trim strips

Bead Filler bridges gaps between exterior trim and replacement windows


The third accessary trim is a bead-filler trim piece. It creates a sharp clean corner for those that seek an ultra clean edge, particularly if installing replacement windows in a cased wood opening.

Your Ringer Window Consultant will explain replacement windows trims when purchasing your replacement windows. If you need more detail than provided on our website, all of our accessory trims can also be viewed in our Walk of Windows Showroom in Taylor, TX.

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