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Advantages to Thick Glass Windows

Double Strength Glass – It Makes a Difference!

The reason most folks inquire about double strength thick glass windows is that they’re likely searching for information about options for better sound control. Generally speaking, the window industry has done a good job educating people about insulated double-pane glass windows. However, very few people know the importance of their glass thickness.

A Closer Look at Thick Glass Windows

What’s surprising to us here at Ringer Windows is how little attention and importance that other window companies give to thick glass windows. Glass thickness is rarely mentioned, or even understood, with respects to most professional window sales people.  The truth is, once double-pane glass is installed into a window, it’s visually impossible to detect the thickness of the glass.

When you think about it, glass is the biggest and most important component in ANY window. In the real world of “what really matters” with defining “better” windows, the thickness of each pane of glass is truly one of the top-four most important things to consider when thoroughly evaluating thick glass windows.

When it Comes to Window Glass, What is “Thick”?

There are five basic window glass thicknesses used in modern American window systems. They range from 2.2mm to 5.9mm thick. Please refer to the chart on this page.

Most window manufacturers adhere to minimal engineering requirements when selecting the thickness of glass that’s installed in their windows. In general, most builder grade residential windows are manufactured with the thinnest and least expensive “single strength glass”.

It should come as no surprise that “builder-grade” products of any kind always seek the lowest possible costing. The “lowest cost” and “lowest quality” is what really defines “builder-grade”. Considering that most builder-grade windows are usually shipped hundreds of miles as well, it costs the manufacturer less to ship lighter windows. Low cost is their objective, not quality and performance. What do you want in your house?

Why Thick Glass Windows are Better

That said, as a general rule, the extra thickness of double-strength glass is far better than single strength glass for a couple of very important reasons.

Thick glass windows with double-strength are far more durable and less likely to break, Thick window glass also enhances the structural stability of the window. Most importantly, thicker double-strength glass provides improved sound control.

Thicker Window Glass Reduces Outside Noise

The #1 compliment from new clients is how much quieter their homes are immediately after Ringer Windows are installed. That’s a pretty big deal, we think. Anyone who’s ever owned a home with builder grade windows knows the agony of thin single strength glass windows. The windows are thin and flimsy. Outside sound often travels right through.

Here at Ringer Windows, we use double-strength glass (or thicker) in ALL our standard sized windows, even in our most affordable premium builder series (Performa 3300). The added durability and sound-dampening power of our thick glass windows with  double- strength glass simply provides the superior quality for the long run, which is what our clients expect.

Soundproof Windows

We often get calls about soundproof windows. The truth is soundproof windows don’t exist. However, we have options and features that will significantly reduce sound and provide sound control. Thicker glass is one measure to help reduce sound. 


Look to Ringer Windows for Straight Talk

We evaluate the technical glass needs for each of the thick glass windows that we manufacture. As indicated on our “window glass thickness chart”, we have the capacity to make some really big windows. As windows get larger and larger, we often install thicker window glass to compensate for the bigger glass, ranging from 3.9mm up to 5.9mm.

People place their trust and hard-earned dollars in Ringer Windows to manufacture their glass windows properly. We take nothing for granted. You have our personal pledge that we’ll build your windows properly, or we won’t take your order.

Terminology CheckL Double Pane Glass & Double Strength Glass

People sometimes confuse the terminology of Double Pane Glass with Double-Strength Glass.  All Ringer Windows are Double Pane Windows, and they are made with thicker Double-Strength glass. Each dual-pane unit is hermetically into window.

Double Strength glass refers to the thickness of each individual pane of glass used in our hermetically sealed system. The function of double pane technology AND thicker double strength glass combine to provide superior sound control. Our clients are always amazed at how quiet their homes become after Ringer Windows are installed. Learn more about our Sound Control Windows under the options section of our Website.

A Useful Tip When Comparing Competitor Windows & Glass Thickness

Regardless of what window you purchase, it’s wise to seek those that are made with Double Strength Glass or thicker. The truth is, many windows tend to look “alike” and it’s difficult for the average consumer to know the subtle differences between premium windows and builder-grade windows. If a window is made with single strength glass (2.2 mm), it’s a significant indicator that it’s a “builder grade” product. Nearly all premium windows use double-strength glass (3.0 mm) or thicker. Demand double-strength glass and get a better window.



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