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Thick Glass Windows

What is Considered a Thick Window?

There are five basic glass thicknesses used in modern American window systems. They range from thin 2.2mm to very thick 5.9mm glass. For reference, please refer to the chart on this page. It’s not surprising then that builder-grade windows, which frequently have 2.2mm thin glass, are virtually always the lowest cost and quality. By definition they’re cheaply priced and offer substandard performance, durability, and longevity. For a slightly larger investment you can purchase superior, double-strength, thick glass windows like ours with tremendous benefits. Think about it, which would you prefer to have in your home?

The Advantages of Thick Glass Windows

Thick glass windows possess distinct advantages over standard builder-grade offerings which have thinner, single-strength glass. The primary one is added durability as they’re much less susceptible to breakage. Thick glass windows also help to reduce sound transmission keeping your home quieter than windows with thinner glass. Unsurprisingly, the lower noise level from thicker glass is very substantial.

Double-Strength Glass & Sound Control

People often inquire about thick, double-strength glass windows because they want help with sound dampening. Although truly soundproof windows don’t exist, there are many ways to reduce sound including using thicker glass. Contact a Ringer Windows specialist to discuss our windows and their sound reduction benefits. For those seeking even more protection against unwanted interior noise, we also manufacture special, laminated sound control windows.

Our Thick Glass Windows Reduce Noise

The most common compliment we receive from new clients is that their homes are much quieter immediately after Ringer Windows are installed. We think that’s a pretty big deal!  Anyone who’s ever owned a home with builder-grade windows knows how easily outside sounds can come in (as if there is no glass in the windows at all). At Ringer Windows, we ONLY use double-strength insulated glass (or thicker) in ALL our windows.

Glass Thickness Comparison Chart

window glass thickness comparison chart

Terminology Check:
Double-Pane & Double-Strength Glass

People often confuse double-pane and double-strength glass. All Ringer Windows are manufactured with double-pane glass that includes hermetically sealed inner and outer panes.

By contrast, double-strength glass refers to the thickness of each individual pane in a window.  We combine double-pane technology AND thicker double-strength glass to provide superior sound control. Our clients are always amazed at how quiet their homes become after installing Ringer Windows. For those seeking even more protection from interior noise, see our enhanced sound control windows in the options section of our website.

A Useful Tip When Comparing Competitor Windows & Glass Thickness

Regardless of which double-pane windows you buy, it’s wise to ask if they’re made with double-strength or thicker glass. The truth is most windows tend to look alike and it’s difficult for consumers to know the subtle differences between premium insulated and builder-grade windows. A significant builder-grade indicator is the use of single-strength glass (2.2 mm). Nearly all premium windows use double-strength glass (3.0 mm) or thicker. Always demand double-strength glass and get better windows.

Better Quality Windows Like Ours Have Thicker Glass

We know that our customers want high-quality, affordable windows in their homes. That’s why we think it’s worth considering what constitutes a better made window. In our opinion, glass pane thickness is an important but often underappreciated feature. As window professionals we believe superior quality windows should have thicker glass. If your window company doesn’t use it, contact a Ringer specialist about our products before you buy.

Double-Pane Window Cross-Section

Glass Cutaway of Insulated, Double Pane, Double Strength Ringer Windows

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