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Sound Control Windows

OPTION – Superior Sound Control Windows

Can you hear me now?

Sound Control Windows, Windows with Sound Control, Window Sound ControlWe are frequently asked about Sound Control Windows from many of our prospective clients. Proper discussion of windows and sound control is not easily answered in a couple of sentences. We will provide a thorough discussion of effective sound control that covers most people’s particular sound control questions.

YES, there are things we can do to enhance the sound dampening qualities of a window. However, they are often not required. Here’s why.

Double Pane Glass & Vinyl Work Together to Improve Sound Control

Ringer Windows are made with thicker frame and sash designs so our design is thicker and heavier than most aluminum or builder-grade windows. Our Vinyl Windows Austin city-dwellers love are made with more substantial materials and thicker glass, making it much more difficult for sound to penetrate than aluminum. Couple this with the fact that all our insulated glass is hermetically sealed into double pane windows and you have one tight window system!

When our replacement windows clients change from their thin aluminum windows with a single window pane to Ringer Windows double pane windows, it’s Night-and-Day where sound control is concerned. Most of our client’s notice an immediate and substantial improvement with how quiet our sound control windows make their homes. For most, this level of new-found sound control exceeds their expectations. Better yet, this level of quality is essentially, “right out of the box” and comes standard with each window (regardless if you’re buying our premium window or our value window).

Laminated Glass for Superior Sound Control Windows

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Laminated Glass

For those seeking the ultimate in sound control windows, we recommend Ringer Windows with our Laminated Glass option. It looks exactly the same but it’s quite different. Laminated glass is very tough and very dense. It’s the same type of glass found in windshields of cars and trucks. It’s made with a PVB interlayer that strengthens the glass and also deadens much of the sound transmission in sound control windows in homes as well. Laminated Glass is a bit more expensive, but for those seeking maximum sound control and great security windows, there’s nothing better than Laminated Glass.

Different Control with Different Sound Frequencies

Laminated glass is not soundproof glass, but it’s the best we have to offer for outstanding sound control windows for residential window applications. Deep bass sounds are much more difficult to stop than mid and high range sounds. It’s the reason that bass speakers for sound systems can be placed anywhere in a room and still be so effective. Bass sounds are very non-directional and they permeate everywhere. That said, deeper bass sounds permeate just about anything, including walls and windows. Mid and high range sound waves are much more easily stopped with laminated glass and for most folks, it’s a vast improvement. We are careful to explain these dynamics to our clients before installing Laminated Glass in our custom vinyl windows.

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