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Fusion Welded Vinyl Windows in Austin

In Austin vinyl windows are a great energy efficient choice for replacement windows. Homeowners depend on high quality and reliable windows to add value to their home investment. At Ringer Windows we are different from the other window manufacturers because we build a great, high quality window for Southern Climates that will last! We pay attention to the smallest details including the best method of manufacturing window frames.  Vinyl window manufacturing includes assembling the windows frames and sashes. The two methods for assembling window frame and sash corners of replacement vinyl windows are Mechanical Attachment or Heat Seam Fusion Welding. Mechanical attachment involves fastening the corners with screws or other fasteners (and sometimes caulk). Fusion welded corners are seamed together using extreme heat.

Why Not Mechanically Joined Frames?

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Fusion Welded Vinyl Window Seam

While it’s less expensive to mechanically join corners with screws, it won’t produce a strong or reliable window. Mechanically joined pieces are more susceptible to leakage and air infiltration since the joints are not permanently bonded. Mechanical corners leak or fail, sooner or later. Most of the cheaply made “new construction” and heavily discounted vinyl windows consist of mechanical corners.

Aluminum windows are always mechanically attached. We routinely see a significant amount of wood rot underneath these windows. The water damage will originate at the bottom corners where the corner seals fail. Water ponds on the bottom sill and seeps through the failed corner seam creating an area for water to sit in the wood framing causing it to rot and mold. Aluminum window frames with mechanically attached corners are not a good replacement window choice for homes in Austin due to heat transfer of metal and the leakage in the mechanical joint.

Why We Use Fusion Welding Technology

All Ringer Windows are fusion welded for a permanent sealed seams. These seams are fused together using precise CNC machinery and extreme heat. Fusion welding produces stronger corners with permanent welds, resulting in airtight and waterproof seals. As the only Austin Vinyl Windows manufacturer, we make very high-quality windows with our Fusion Welding technology. Local, affordable, and outstanding quality! That’s the Ringer Windows way!

Not all manufacturers go to the expense of manufacturing vinyl windows using fusion welding technology. At Ringer Windows we think it’s important for informed consumers to know the difference. If you’d like tour our facility, we’ll show you why we’re the best at making Austin vinyl windows that are great for both replacement and new construction applications.

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Energy Efficient Vinyl Window Manufacturing: 4 Point Fusion Welding

The Best Windows For Austin Vinyl Windows

At Ringer Windows, we just build superior and high quality vinyl windows. We design for Central Texas and Austin vinyl windows to combat the hot summer heat. We pay attention to small details like fusion welding because this is a small yet critical element to quality vinyl window manufacturing. Because Ringer Windows doesn’t skimp on quality where it counts, we don’t have an official warranty department because we don’t need one. Isn’t this the type of quality you want built into your vinyl windows?

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