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Double Pane Windows

All Ringer Windows are Double Pane Windows! Our double pane windows are made from 2 double strength glass sheets and are permanently and hermetically sealed inside an atmospherically controlled environment. Once the dual glass panes are joined into a single unit, we officially call it “insulated glass”. Insulated glass is the key component for producing energy efficient windows for Texas.

Double Pane Windows Technology

Double Pane Window Double Pane Glass

Double Pane Window Cross-Section

The individual component that joins and seals the 2 panes of glass together is called the “SPACER SYSTEM”. There are many different types of spacers and technologies. As with anything, some Spacer Systems are more reliable and efficient than others. Windows are most susceptible to energy loss along the perimeter of the glass, where the Spacer is located. The focus of reducing this energy transfer along this edge is often called “warm edge” technology.

Cheaper spacer systems, like those used with most aluminum new construction windows, often fail over time due to the mechanical frame joints. This low quality design is associated with almost all builder-grade products. Once the double pane glass seal fails, calcium starts to build-up between the 2 panes of glass, forever clouding your view. The double pane glass units can be replaced but most often, the glass repair companies use the same cheap spacer technology, so they’re destined to fail again and again. There’s a reason that most of these types of repairs only come with a 90-day warranty.

At Ringer Windows, our high quality double pane window technology is part of what sets us apart from the competition. Most window companies producing cheap windows don’t think twice about using cheaper technology to keep their pricing a couple of bucks lower. These companies want to make a quick sale and don’t care to see you again! At Ringer Windows, you’re a client for life and we want our windows to last!

Ringer Windows Builds Double Pane Windows Designed to Last

Seal failures with residential windows is the NUMBER ONE window complaint from consumers. At Ringer Windows, seal failure is simply NOT an option. We build energy efficient windows that are designed to last a lifetime, which is why we use the same great Spacer Technology in ALL our value-oriented Performa 3300 Series, Resolute 4200 Premium Series and our premium Elite 5400 Series Windows.

Double Pane Windows Insulated Glass
At Ringer Windows, we’re proud to exclusively use the Cardinal XL Edge Spacer Technology in ALL our double pane windows. We’ve had ZERO reported seal failures when using this fantastic glass. We don’t have a “service department” like most window companies because we build high quality custom vinyl windows! If this is the kind of quality you seek with your windows, give us a call.

Double Pane Glass used in Ringer Windows

Cardinal Insulating Glass in every Ringer Window