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Double-Pane Windows in Austin, TX

What are Double-Pane Windows?

At Ringer every window we manufacture is a high-quality, double-pane window. This means it has two double-strength glass sheets hermetically sealed together and filled with argon gas in an atmospherically controlled environment. Once the parts are combined, we officially call it “insulated glass.” Insulation is the key to producing energy efficient double-pane windows made for the Texas climate.

Double-Pane Window Cross-Section

Double-pane window cross section showing spacer system and double-strength glass sheets

Spacers & Double-Pane Window Technology

What are Spacer Systems?

The component that joins and seals glass sheets together for double-pane windows is called a “spacer system.” There are many types of spacers and spacing technologies, some more reliable or efficient than others. This part is critically important because windows are highly susceptible to energy loss along the edges of their perimeter. Thus, efforts to reduce energy transfer along this edge are often called “warm edge” technologies.

What Happens When Spacers Fail?

Most aluminum double-pane windows used for new construction have cheap spacers. They generally fail over time because they’re built with mechanical frame joints. Unfortunately, low quality components like this are common in nearly all builder-grade products. Consequently, when glass seals fail calcium builds up between panes obscuring the view. The glass can be replaced but many repair companies use the same cheap spacers which will fail again. That’s why most glass replacement only comes with a 90-day warranty.

Our Double-Pane Windows are Designed to Last

No Seal Failures

The NUMBER ONE window complaint from consumers is seal failure. At Ringer Windows this is simply not something we allow to happen. Our energy-efficient windows are designed to last a lifetime. That’s why we use the same great spacers in our value-oriented Performa 3300, and premium Resolute 4200 and Elite 5400 window series.

The Best Spacers & Insulated Glass

At Ringer Windows, we’re proud to exclusively use Cardinal XL Edge Spacer Technology and Insulating Glass in all our double-pane windows. We’ve had ZERO reported seal failures with this fantastic glass. As a result we have no “service department” like most window companies due to our high-quality custom vinyl windows!

We use Cardinal XL Edge Glass in every Ringer Window

Logo for Cardinal XL Edge Insulating Glass with Long Lasting IG

The Ringer Double-Pane Window Difference

At Ringer Windows, our high-quality double-pane window technology helps set us apart from the competition. Most companies who produce cheap windows don’t think twice about using inferior technology to keep prices a few bucks lower. They want a quick sale and don’t care to see you again! With Ringer you’re a client for life. That’s why we want the replacement windows Austin homeowners have trusted for years to last! If this is the kind of quality you seek with your windows, please give us a call.

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