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Quality Austin Window Installations For Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Installing Ringer Windows

Screws & Fasteners…Not very exciting stuff, but as a foundation for securing your Ringer Windows, it’s huge! The best window in the world won’t work very well if it’s not properly attached to your home. In most other Austin window installations, installers use sheet metal or drywall screws or whatever’s in the back of their truck when it’s time to install new windows. At Ringer Windows, we use a patented fastener that was specifically developed for use with vinyl windows, called VYN-L-HOLD™. Ringer Windows is committed to building great, affordable windows and providing professional Austin window installations for our replacement windows. Our commitment shows through being consistently awarded the Angies List Super Service Award for the past 8 years!

Vyn-L-Hold™ Window Installation Technology

Austin Window Installations uses vinyl window screw for Central Texas Window Installations

Vyn-L-Hold® Screws

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Vyn-L-Hold® Technology & Sheet Metal Screw Comparison
These remarkable fasteners offer superior performance with deep and widely spaced threads designed to reduce boss cracking, material damage, and strip-out in fastening replacement vinyl windows. (The term Boss in vinyl windows refers to the internal vinyl brace design) Ringer Window designs were specially made to incorporate “boss technology” for a better window. What really makes our fasteners different is that they were designed for a fast start and low torque drive. VYN-L-HOLD™ screws have a 45° thread angle and a 10° trailing-angle to cut more cleanly through vinyl and to provide more holding power and less pull-out. Normal screws have a 60° thread angle and a 30° trailing angle which is not nearly as good as our patented VYN-L-HOLD™.

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Ringer Windows: Attention to Details

Professional Austin Window Installation

Why do we take the time to explain the technology of a screw? The smallest details count and attention to these details is what sets Ringer Windows apart from all the competition!

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We build great custom vinyl windows with many standard features and great custom options. Our Central Texas & Austin window installations are only the highest quality to meet the quality of the windows we build. When we provide installation services, only professionally trained Ringer Windows Team Members will install our windows. From removal of old windows through a quality finish, our Austin window installations are thorough, complete, and clean inside and out.  You’ll LOVE our windows from start to finish!