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Special Shaped Windows

OPTION – Special Shapes

Many homes are designed with special shaped windows that enhance a home’s “curb appeal”. At Ringer Windows, we routinely manufacture special shaped windows for both replacement applications as well as standard stock-sizing for new construction settings.

Custom shaped windows must be precisely made to fit exactly into openings when doing replacement work. Once a home is built, we must make replacement windows so that they fit into the existing openings. For example, some homes incorporate triangle shapes into the walls on the eaves (underneath the overhang). These custom shapes often follow the roofline so replacement windows for these openings must fit perfectly to match the home.

half arch windows are special shaped windows, picture windows with grids are custom made
Half Arches above Single Hung Windows create beautiful elevations.
Special Shaped Cathedral Picture Windows
Cathedral Shape
Octagon Special Shaped windows with Rain Privacy Glass and low e glass
Elongated Octagon Shaped Window with Rain Glass

Shaped Top Picture Window
Subtle Shaped Tops for Elegance
Circle Picture Windows are special shaped windows
Circle Window- Special Shaped Windows

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Special Shaped Windows and Stock Windows

Special Shapes, Shaped Windows, half round arch window

Half Round Top Single Hung Window

When Special shaped windows are used in new construction settings, the sizing is standardized. We are able to stock these types of windows because they are standard stock windows Austin builders require per industry standards. We carry a limited supply of arch and elliptical windows with our Performa 3300 Product Line within our Cash & Carry Program.We also offer Architectural Windows that incorporate arch and elliptical tops into single hung windows. These very special windows are especially beautiful by enhancing the opening with a single window as opposed to two windows, so there is less “frame on frame” and more glass.

Architectural Combination Windows

All Shaped Windows can be mulled with other Ringer Windows, within the same series, to create beautiful combinations of windows that are sure to add a new level of style and distinction. Shapes take longer to make, especially if we are matching a custom radius or size, so please allow 3 to 4 weeks to complete complicated custom window designs.

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