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Energy Efficient Windows Austin Homes Rely on Year Round!

FEATURE – Energy Efficient Windows

Ringer Windows are designed to provide great energy efficiency to combat the harsh Texas weather. We make great custom vinyl windows that include Argon Gas, high-quality vinyl compounds, double-pane glass, and superior Low E glass packages. You can depend on Ringer Windows to make the most energy efficient windows in the market.

Ringer Windows Manufactures Energy Efficient Windows

Ringer Windows builds energy efficient windows Austin and Central Texas homeowners rely on year round! Our low-e glass windows start with superior Low-E coated glass that’s designed to filter-out the sun’s damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays. Next, we hermetically seal two individual panes of glass into a single insulated glazed unit, called an (IGU). We complete the process by filling the sealed IGU with Argon gas. The IGUs are installed and sealed into our durable and fusion welded vinyl frame and sashes.

Double Pane Windows

Double Pane Window Double Pane Glass

Double Pane Window Cross-section

Double pane windows are standard with all Ringer Windows! Once the two individual panes of glass are joined to create single unit, we call it “insulated glass”. The individual part that joins and seals the 2 panes of glass together is called the “SPACER”. Windows are most susceptible to energy loss along the perimeter of the glass, where the Spacer is located. The focus of reducing this energy transfer along this edge is called “warm edge” technology.


Insulated Glass

At Ringer Windows, we’re proud to exclusively use the Cardinal XL Edge Insulating Glass Technology in ALL our windows. The high quality of Cardinal’s insulated glass with the XL Edge is unsurpassed in our industry. In 8 years, we’ve never had a single reported seal failure and we love it. This kind of quality is why we have no official warranty department. We don’t need one!

Triple Pane Glass

Glass Manufacturers have recently introduced triple pane glass. By itself, triple pane windows would seem to be much better than a dual glazed window.  More is better, right?  In truth, triple glazing is most effective for improved energy efficient windows in cold climates with sub-freezing temperatures for prolonged periods.  It has very little impact in warmer southern climates where temperatures rarely drop below freezing.  There’s reliable scientific testing data that backs these facts.  Unfortunately, triple pane windows are often promoted and sold in Central Texas under the guise that they make a huge difference.  We thought about switching to triple pane glass but in the end, it didn’t feel honest to promote technology that didn’t yield a good return.

Low E Windows

Low E Windows are Energy Efficient Windows

Low E Glass for Energy Efficient Windows

Today, almost all Insulated Glass Units contain some type of Low-E coating for improved energy efficient windows. Low-E coatings help block the transfer of energy from the sun’s harmful rays, before entering your home. There are many different types and quality levels of Low E glass in the marketplace. At Ringer Windows, we only use the most efficient and highest quality Low E glass in our windows (specifically designed for Texas). There are several types of Low E options highlighted under the Low E Windows Tab.

Argon Gas Windows

Some insulated glass contains inert gas, such as Argon, between the double glass panes. Argon is “denser than air” and impedes the transfer of cold air during winter months. Argon has little to no effect in warmer climates but it’s often touted for substantially improving energy efficiency in warmer climates. In truth, Argon is much less effective in southern climates where it’s warm most of the time. Read more about our Argon Gas Windows under the Argon Option Tab.

Ringer Windows Vinyl

Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows, vinyl compounds, Vinyl Windows Austin, vinyl windows parts

Quality Vinyl for Energy Efficient Windows

Ringer Windows are made with a high-quality virgin vinyl compound, designed specifically for Texas. Our vinyl compounds are a mixture resulting from a combination of natural gas and rock salt with seven different micro-ingredients, including Heat and UV Stabilizers to enhance the quality, performance, and durability of our vinyl windows Austin depends on. Our vinyl window frame is formed into internal air chambers providing excellent insulating properties minimizing energy transfer inside to out. Vinyl doesn’t shrink or swell with humidity or thermal changes. Our window frames are fusion welded virtually eliminating the possibility of corners splitting or opening up to expose your home to the outside elements.


Ringer Windows = Energy Efficient Windows

When superior Low E Glass and high-quality vinyl are combined in a new Ringer Window, this weather-stopping duo seriously improves the overall thermal performance of our windows. It really does something when we say that Ringer Windows has designed and produces some of the most energy efficient windows in the world!

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