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Energy Efficient Windows in Austin, TX

We Make Energy Efficient Windows Austin Homeowners Rely On

At Ringer Windows, we know how much the harsh Texas weather can affect your home’s energy efficiency. That’s why our windows are designed to reduce heat build-up during summer and diminish heat loss in winter. How do we do this? Specifically, by using argon gas, superior vinyl compounds, double-pane Low-E glass packages, and much more. As a result, we’ve become the Austin-area company homeowners and building professionals depend on for energy efficient windows. Please read on to discover more about our exceptional windows made for the Texas climate. We also invite you to contact us for a FREE in-home replacement window consultation and quote.


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How do We Manufacture Efficient Windows?

A specific process is required to make our vinyl windows and patio doors energy efficient year-round in Texas. First, two triple-coated Low-E glass panes are cut to size for each fixed window, or per sash in operable windows. This highly specialized double-strength glass is designed to filter out the sun’s damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays. Next, the panes are hermetically sealed into a single insulated glazed unit (IGU) to keep moisture out. The IGU is then filled with heavier-than-air argon gas to provide stability and help improve energy efficiency. Lastly, the IGU is permanently installed in a durable, fusion welded vinyl frame. This is just a brief summary of our manufacturing steps. Please contact a Ringer Windows Professional to learn more or visit our Taylor, TX factory for a guided tour. We’d love to meet you!

More About the Energy Efficiency Features of Our Windows

Side view cutaway of Ringer Windows insulated glass diagram and description

Double-Pane, Double-Strength Glass

Double panes are standard in all Ringer Windows! Once two panes are joined, we call them an insulated glass unit. These units include spacers to separate and permanently seal the panes together. Because windows are susceptible to energy loss along their edges, spacers are very important. This is why warm edge technologies have been developed to reduce energy transfer and improve window efficiency.

Cardinal Corp-XL-Edge insulating glass technology logo

Insulating Glass Technology

At Ringer Windows, we’re proud to exclusively use Cardinal XL Edge Insulating Glass technology in all our windows. Cardinal’s high-quality insulated glass with XL Edge is unsurpassed in our industry. Due to their outstanding seals, we’ve never had a reported failure. Therefore, we have no need for a department to service our warranties!

Cardinal LoE 366 glass description and logo

Low-E 366 Triple Coating

Today, almost all insulated glass units contain some type of Low-E coating for improved energy efficiency. It helps block the transfer of energy from the sun’s harmful rays into your home. There are many types and quality levels of coated glass on the market. At Ringer Windows, we use only the most efficient such as Low-E 366 glass. Please see our Low-E Windows page for more about coated glass.

Argon gas symbol, atomic number, and weight

Argon Gas Fill

Some types of insulated glass contain inert gases, such as argon, between their panes. Argon is denser than air and impedes cold air transfer during winter months. Hence, it provides a better insulator than air at lower temperatures. Although argon has better insulating properties in the cold, it has little or no effect in warmer climates. You can learn more about argon gas windows under the argon option tab.

Ringer vinyl window frame components in three colors

High-Quality Vinyl Compounds

Our high-quality virgin vinyl compound is designed for Texas. It includes natural gas, rock salt, and seven micro-ingredients. Most important are heat and UV stabilizers for performance and durability. The result is vinyl that won’t shrink or swell with humidity or thermal changes. We also form it into window frames with special insulating chambers to maximize energy efficiency. Lastly, frames are fusion welded to stop corner splitting. All to minimize outdoor exposure.

Want to Learn More About & See Our Energy Efficient Windows?

We believe that we produce some of the most energy efficient vinyl windows in the world! Why not contact a Ringer Windows representative or visit our factory to find out for yourself? We’d love to show you how our Low-E glass and vinyl combine to make weather-stopping, thermally efficient windows. 


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