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Low-E Glass Windows in Austin, TX

What are Low-E Glass Windows?

Low-E glass windows are designed to be more energy-efficient than their standard counterparts. But what is low-E and how does it create this and other benefits? Low-E stands for Low Emissivity and refers to a reduced amount of energy transfer through materials. In terms of low-E glass this means near infrared (NIR) and ultraviolet (UV) energy passing through are minimized. Visible light is also diminished but only slightly. Since less heat and radiation enter the home, temperature and object fading are reduced. 

Depending on the type, low-E glass contains two or three layers of silver nitrate molecularly bonded to its surface. A special manufacturing process is required to apply this coating. Having extra layers makes low-E windows slightly darker than those with clear glass, but not significantly so. In addition, low-E coatings are micro-thin, never peel, and are nearly invisible. Low-E glass is the powerful component driving efficiency in our Austin-area replacement and new construction windows

Our Low-E 366 glass is triple coated with silver nitrate to block UV and infrared radiation.

The best glass we offer is triple-coated Low-E 366.

Low-E Windows Keep Summer Heat Out

Low E Glass keeps heat out in the summer

And Help Retain Heat During Winter

Low E Glass windows keep heat in during the winter.
Windows with Low-E glass can still provide wonderful light and views while keeping out harmful radiation.

Low-E Glass Brings in Lots of Sun While Reducing its Harmful Effects

Low-E glass windows are designed to provide sunlight and beautiful views but keep out damaging radiation. How do they do this? To explain, let’s review what is in sunlight and how it affects your home. Sunlight includes ultraviolet (UV) and near infrared (NIR) radiation; and visible light. The latter is desirable and harmless. However, UV rays cause interior furnishings and paint to fade and lose their color. In addition, infrared energy heats up surfaces, flooring, and fabrics thus raising inside temperatures. NIR is the “hot” component we want to keep out!

Our superior Low-E glass windows have special coatings to help block the sun’s harmful UV and NIR energy. They do this while allowing most visible light into your Austin, TX home. We call this glass “spectrally smart” because it stops up to 98% of the bad light wavelengths and lets the good in!

We Make Three Great Kinds of Low-E Glass Windows

These low-e-window glass types 270, 366 and 340 will reduce harmful radiation while letting sunlight through

From left to right: Ringer double-pane windows with Low-E 270, 366, & 340 glass

Choose From Windows That Block 86% to 98% of UV & Infrared

Ringer’s Low-E glass window options begin with Low-E 270 and spectrally smart super Low-E 366. Low-E 270 blocks 86% of UV and infrared radiation while Low-E 366 stops a phenomenal 95%. This makes it the most efficient low-E glass we’ve ever seen! For a much darker look or even less glare, Low-E 340 glass is our most shaded Low-E option. It blocks 98% of UV and NIR energy.

Use Low-E Glass to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Low-E glass windows are an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Make sure to ask your Ringer Windows representative about them during your in-home consultation. To see examples of this glass in extra large windows please visit our Walk-of-Windows Showroom in Taylor. TX. There, a Ringer Windows Team Member can demonstrate the energy effectiveness of Low-E windows for you. They can be viewed inside under florescent illumination or outside in direct sunlight. No more guessing how low-E glass windows will look and perform in your Austin home from a small picture!

Low-E 270 Glass: A Better Option

Low-E 270 Glass logo and product description

Low-E 366 Glass: The Best We Offer

Low-E 366 Glass logo and product description

Low-E 340 Glass: Great for Anti-Glare

Low-E 340 Glass logo and product description
Low-E 366 is the ultimate performance glass from Cardinal Glass Industries

Why is Low-E 366 the Best Glass We Sell?

Low-E 366 glass from Cardinal Industries is the ultimate performance glass. So much so it just might make all other Low-E window glass obsolete. Why? Because it has a third layer of silver nitrate coating. This clear coating blocks even more solar gain, reflects heat, and actually outperforms tinted glass. Low-E 366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings. It’s also the one glass you can use to be ENERGY STAR compliant in a double-pane window. Low-E 366 is the perfect window glass for your home if you live in Austin or anywhere in central Texas.

Low-E 366 glass outperforms two pane clear glass and other Low-E glass in reducing UV and NIR while allowing visible light through

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