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Window Grids

Popular Window Grid Patterns, window grids, Double Hung Windows

Window Grids in Double Hung Window

OPTION – Window Grids

Window Grids, also called “Muntin Bars”, grilles, or internal lites, are an attractive way to add distinction to any window. Some grid systems can be mounted on the exterior of the glass, providing a simulated grid appearance. Not surprisingly, they are called Simulated Divided Lites. This type of grid system must be maintained by periodic dusting and cleaning.

Maintenance-Free Internal Window Grids

At Ringer Windows, we only offer Internal Lites. We install our internal grids between the sealed dual-panes so they are protected from the elements. These maintenance-free internal grids never need cleaning! Internal grids can be made in many different grid patterns to match the shape of your window. We offer grids in Arches, picture windows, Single and Double Hung Windows, Sliders, and even our patio doors!

The shape and size of the window often dictates the type of grid pattern that can be effectively used. We offer regular window grids in a variety of colors that match or contrast with the window, depending on personal preferences. Browse just a few of our options below and make sure to ask your Ringer Window Consultant for more information if needed. We display a large selection of full-size window grids options here at our Showroom in Taylor so be sure to stop in!

Single Hung Architectural Window with Arch Top
Arch Grids
mock arch window grids shaped like window swags
Swag Grid Pattern
modified prairie windows, modified prairie grid pattern
Modified Prairie Pattern
Shaped window arch with window grids in Single Hung Windows with shaped top
Single Hung Window with Arched Window Grids

Custom Windows to Create Your Home Style

At Ringer Windows, we know our clients want style in their homes. Whether the style is Country French, Victorian, English Tudor, Contemporary, or Proud to be a Texan, we know windows are a key to the style of your home. With our custom vinyl windows, we are able to create custom windows to complete that look. Understanding all our custom window options down to our window grids, Ringer Windows can get to that look you want!

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