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Window Grids in Austin, TX

Decorative Window Grids Can Add Style to Your Austin-Area Home

At Ringer Windows we know our clients want to create their own style in their Austin-area homes. Decorative window grids, which are also called muntin bars, grilles, or internal lites, are an attractive way we can help them get the look they want. That’s why we offer window grids as an option when customers purchase our custom vinyl windows. Whether they prefer Country French, Victorian, English Tudor, Craftsman, Contemporary, or Proud to be a Texan, we can create their favorite window grid style. In fact, our custom vinyl windows are actually engineered for internal window grid placements! Lastly, they’re great for a personalized look but don’t add a lot of upfront expense nor do they reduce window energy efficiency.

Decorative Ringer window grids in an Austin-area home
Decorative grids in a double-hung window

Colonial style grids in a double-hung window

Grid Designs Work With Window Shapes & Colors

The shape and size of a window often dictates the type of window grid patterns that can be used in it. We can include them in arch, picture, single hung, double hung, and slider windows and even in our sliding patio doors! This page offers several window grid options for our two main product lines and selected custom-shaped windows. However, we recommend asking your Ringer Consultant about all available grid patterns for a particular window size and type. Please also know that we offer regular window grids in a variety of colors that both match and contrast with our windows. This allows a customer to select a window and grid color combination based on their personal preference. Finally, please visit our Walk of Windows Showroom in Taylor, TX to see a larger selection of grids and colors in person. 

Our Window Grids are Maintenance-FREE!

At Ringer Windows, we offer Internal Lites window grids that are completely maintenance-free. These grids are placed between the sealed dual-panes in window glass so they’re protected from the elements. Glass-encased window grids like this never need cleaning. 

Finished Examples of Window Types & Grid Patterns

A Custom Arched Window with Grids

Custom Arched Window with Colonial Grids

Single Hung Arched Window with Grids

Single Hung Arched Window with Colonial Grids

A Single Hung Window with a Swag Mock-Arch Grid Pattern

Single Hung Window with Swag Grid Pattern

Single Hung Window with Full Prairie Grid Pattern

Single Hung Window with Full Prairie Grid Pattern

Elite 5400 Window Series Grid Patterns

Our Premium Elite 5400 single hung window has equal operational and fixed viewing areas when the sash is in the center. This is called a 50/50 sash split. In contrast, modified sashes including Oriel and reverse Oriel have sash splits that are unequally sized. Window grids placed on these unequal viewing areas may also have differently sized grid openings. Lastly, window grid patterns vary based on the size of the window.

Colonial Style Grids

Colonial Style Grids for 3×6 with low sash

Colonial Style Grids 6 over 6 for Elite 5400 Series

Colonial Style Grids for 3 x 3 Elite 5400 Series

Colonial Style Grids for 3×4 Elite 5400 Series 6 over 6 pattern

Prairie Style Grids

Craftsman Style Grids

Full Prairie Style Window Grids Sketch

Elite 5400 Series 3050 Full Prairie Style Grids

Modified Prairie Style Grids

Flat Craftsman Style Window Grid – Top Only

Arch Style Craftsman Grids

Resolute 4200 Window Series Grid Patterns

The Resolute 4200 window series has unequal sash sizes. That’s because the operating sash has a little more vinyl than the fixed sash does. Therefore, the grid opening sizes are not equal.

Colonial Style Grids

Resolute 4200 Single hung colonial style 9/6 pattern for 3060 size with 60/40 sash split

Resolute 4200 Series single hung 3050 with 50/50 sash split 6 over 6 colonial grids style

Colonial Window Grid style on 3×3 size window with 50/50 sash split

Craftsman & Prairie Style Grids

Flat Craftsman style Grids

Arch craftsman style grids

Modified Prairie Style Window Grids

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