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Production of Vinyl Windows

The discussion of vinyl compounds is not very glamorous. Professional window sales people who sell windows generally know very little about the technology used to make the windows they sell or represent. As a replacement windows manufacturing company, we must understand every aspect of the vinyl windows Austin homeowners seek for replacement windows. Our knowledge speaks volumes towards the long-term viability of our vinyl window systems. Window sales people love to use terms like “100% pure virgin vinyl” as if their window was the only one that included this technology. The truth is, nearly all vinyl windows made in America use 100% virgin vinyl. The difference between individual vinyl compound formulas is what separates the good ones from the cheap ones.

Veka Incorporated Vinyl compounds Vinyl Windows AustinBefore we ever designed our first window system, we conducted an extensive search to find the highest quality vinyl compounds known to man. We are proud to have Veka, Inc. as our vinyl technology partner. Veka, located in Terrell, Texas, is a well-established vinyl extruder with a worldwide presence and excellent reputation for superior quality.

ABOUT OUR VINYL – UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is the main ingredient in our compound. This mixture results from a combination of natural gas and rock salt. In it’s pure state, UPVC is not particularly good with durability and weatherability. To increase the performance characteristics of our vinyl windows Austin homes need for our Texas climate, we add seven different micro-ingredients. Every part of the process is designed to enhance our product performance. Heat Stabilizers minimize the effect of heat (solar radiation) on the vinyl windows. Impact Modifiers strengthen vinyl to prevent damage during fabrication, shipping, and operation of the window. UV Stabilizers help prevent discoloration and fading of vinyl material due to ultraviolet light exposure. Lubricants provide a smooth finish on the vinyl surface frame. While not particularly “exciting”, this level of detail and attention ensures consistent quality in the finished product and predictable, consistent fabrication.

Color Vinyl Windows Austin Homeowners Admire


Vinyl Frame colors vinyl window colors

White, Almond, Clay

We use two different pigments to add color to our vinyl for aesthetically pleasing vinyl window colors. Almond and Clay colored pigments create light beige and taupe or colors while Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) imparts a brilliant white color to the vinyl and helps to reflect the sun’s rays from the finished surface. We also infuse Calcium Carbonate into the formula to increase impact and tensile strength to the finished material. This complete formulation results in superior vinyl windows Austin homeowners can depend on to not rot, chip, corrode, peel, or blister.

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