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Sliding Patio Doors Austin TX Area

Sliding Patio Doors in Austin TX Built for Durability

Thank you for visiting our gallery of sliding patio doors. Ringer Windows manufactures all our Sliding Patio Doors in Taylor near Austin, TX. Sliding Patio Doors come in 2 panel and 4 panel frames. Ringer Windows PD2000 sliding patio doors come in white, almond or clay vinyl colors to match our Elite 5400 windows. The sliding patio doors are a full 6″ depth frame for outstanding durability. Each sliding door has smooth sliding operability. All sliding patio doors come with a keyed entry dual locking system for superior sliding patio door security. This locking system will provide the security to not need an exterior bar for unwanted intrusions. Unlike standard sliding doors, if the door is lifted up, the upper catch of the door lock will catch not allowing entry. All patio doors are full encased in a vinyl frame for outstanding energy efficiency and minimal air leakage.
All doors a “knock-down” assembly, meaning, full frame assembly is required and ideal for multi-story installations. All door panels are fully glazed with our double pane, low-e glass. Sliding BetterVue Screen Doors are included. All 2 and 3 panel doors come with a single sliding screen door. The 4 panel sliding patio doors have center connecting dual screen doors. The sliding screen doors slide outward over the non-movable sliding patio door panels.

Two Panel Sliding Patio Doors

Two panel sliding patio door come in standard 5′, 6′, and 8′ widths. All two panel sliding patio doors may be custom manufactured for exact sizing up to 8′ widths.

Four Panel Sliding Patio Doors

The Four panel sliding patio doors are manufactured for exact sizing from 10′-16′ widths. The center door panels are opposing sliding panels with center dual locking handles.

Three Panel Sliding Panel Door Solution

For Opening widths between 8′ and 12′, a three panel door solution may be best for you. A three panel sliding panel door consists of a 2 panel door mulled with a separate panel sidelite in the matching door frame.