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Sliding Patio Doors in Austin, TX

PD-2000 Series Sliding Patio Door

A True Premium Slider

The PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door is our premium-grade patio door that is great for both new construction and replacement settings. It features a hefty 6” depth-of-frame with superior components. For example: multi-point premium keyed locks, sun-crushing Cardinal Low-E 366 glass, and an adjustable easy-glide roller system. Our PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door delivers outstanding reliability, durability, and superior energy efficiency in hot Texas weather. Better yet, our patio doors and windows all come in white, almond, and clay so they match perfectly.

Heavy-Duty Components & A Bigger Size

If you’ve ever had a “bad” slider you know how screechy, clunking, and inefficient they can be. That’s why we made the PD-2000 a big sliding patio door with larger, sturdier components. Heavier features produce superior structural and thermal performance and a better door.  But they also make the threshold on our PD-2000 slightly higher than average. Anyone not used to taller thresholds may first need to experience the door in person. For this reason, we suggest customers visit our showroom to see the PD-2000 patio door before purchase. 

What is a KD Door?

The PD-2000 patio door series is a “KD” system, which stands for knocked-down. This means assembly is required prior to installation.

Our Walk of Windows Showroom

We proudly present the PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door in our Walk-Of-Windows Showroom. Austin homeowners can personally experience it without an appointment. Just stop by anytime at our manufacturing facility and showroom in nearby Taylor, TX. We’re open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm so you can explore all our doors and windows on display!

PD-2000 Series Product Catalog

PD-2000 sliding patio door catalog
PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door in the Ringer Walk of Windows Showroom

PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door in a clay colored frame

Interior White Patio Door with grids

PD-2000 with Grids

A note about our PD-2000 and the “KD” door system:  Due to assembly complexity we sell the PD-2000 door fully installed. There are no sales of the product only. Why do we do this? Many patio doors are in hard-to-reach places, especially after changes like remodeling for second floor decks. These spots may be inaccessible with a fully assembled sliding patio door. That’s why the PD-2000 is a “KD” or “Knocked Down” door system. KD doors must be assembled and installed in place requiring significant expertise. Most novices or DIY homeowners not familiar with KD doors struggle with the process. As a consequence, we typically sell them directly to building professionals and DIY homeowners experienced in sliding door assembly. Otherwise, we sell only fully installed sliding patio doors.

PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door Configurations

Whether you need a standard or custom size sliding patio door, our PD-2000 has you covered!  It can be configured to open right to left or left to right. Please be sure to specify which direction you prefer when ordering. The PD-2000 also works with our PI-2000 Picture Windows for multi-panel options in wider or taller spaces. See below for more details. You can also see more configuration options by visiting our sliding patio doors gallery page.

5’0″ Wide Sliding Patio Door for Narrow Openings (in clay)
Clay 5'0" Wide Sliding Patio Door for Narrow Openings
6’0″ Wide Sliding Patio Door for Typical Openings (in white)
Please note that our standard frame color is linen white. Almond and clay are available as custom orders.
8’0″ Wide Sliding Patio Door for Large Openings (in almond)

Pairing Picture Windows & Patio Doors for Bigger Views

Combining Patio Doors & Windows in Extra Large Openings

Patio doors can be combined with fixed picture windows in very large openings to create expanded views. As a result, standard-sized sliders installed with transoms or sidelites offer limitless design solutions. For example, a 9 foot wide opening too big for a 6 foot wide door can include a 3 foot wide window. Similarly in taller openings like 8 feet, a 16 inch high transom may be placed above a standard 6 foot 8 inch tall door. Please see the examples shown to the right on this page.

Homeowners can also consider installing transoms with patio doors for spaces taller than 8 feet. Pairing a 6 foot wide, 6 foot 8 inch tall door and a 6 foot wide, 16 inch high transom results in a tall beautiful opening with lots of glass. You can also see more paring options by visiting our sliding patio doors gallery page.

Sliding Patio Doors Must Open Easily

Don’t forget that to be functional patio doors must be easy for anyone to slide open. This is why even larger entry openings need sliding doors that are not too heavy. Therefore, adding transoms and sidelites to standard-size doors rather than using oversized doors allows for effortless operation.

Three-panel patio door with a fixed sidelite

Two-panel patio door with a fixed transom above

What Are Sidelites & Transoms?

Transoms are fixed windows above sliding patio doors. Windows alongside them are called sidelites. Both types can be made in many different sizes to help fill virtually any opening where a patio door is being installed.

Sidelite and Transom Windows for Patio Door Solutions

Save $$$ with Sliding Patio Door Specials for Central Texas!

Deep Discounts on Patio Doors Austinites Love!

An unadvertised deal that’s always available is our “Discounted Sliding Patio Door Pricing Special.” This offer only applies to clients who purchase a full-house window installation package. Typically, an installed premium sliding patio door costs $3,000 to $4,000. At Ringer Windows, if a client purchases full-house replacement window installation we’ll deeply discount their door(s)!  Be sure to ask your sales consultant about this great unadvertised offer.

A Simple Offer That’s Easy to Qualify For

People love this deal because our PD-2000 doors are so good and a real game-changer! This is our way of saying, “Thank You!” for your business! The offer is simple and has no strings attached. To qualify, sliding patio doors and full-house windows must be purchased and installed at the same time. The special applies to Ringer PD-2000 doors and windows installed in Austin and the surrounding areas we cover.

Get Entry Doors Installed with Your Windows

Ringer Windows doesn’t manufacture entry doors, only sliding patio doors. However, we understand that some clients want double French-styled or single entry doors. For this reason when you buy our full-house replacement window installation, we’ll put in your entry doors as well. You can purchase them anywhere you like. Doors and windows must be installed at the same time. For a simple door, we charge the average “going rate” of $800 to $1,000 depending on job complexity.

Our staff-level crews are highly experienced with entry door installation in the Austin area. Ask your Ringer Windows Associate how we can help with your doors!

Call 512-989-7000 for the Patio Doors Austin Homeowners Love!


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