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Interior White Patio Door with grids

Interior View PD2000 Sliding patio Door with Grids

The PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door is our premium-grade sliding patio door that works great in both New Construction AND Replacement Settings. It features a hefty 6” depth-of-frame, with thicker sash elements and superior components, including multi-point premium keyed locks, sun-crushing Cardinal Low-E 366 glass, and our adjustable easy-glide roller systems. Due to these key features, the PD2000 Sliding Patio Doors Austin home remodels seek offers outstanding reliability, durability, and superior energy efficiency against our hot Texas weather. Better yet, all our sliding patio doors are made in the same 3 colors as our windows (White, Almond, and Clay) so they match perfectly!


We offer multiple configurations of sliding patio doors Austin homeowners love! The PD2000 is a 2-Panel configuration (XO or OX). Our 2-Panel doors are reversible so they can be installed as a Right or Left opening door, however one panel must be fixed. Multi-panel door configurations may be created with multiple sliding patios doors and oversized fixed picture windows resulting in very large views. Due to the versatile nature of the PD2000 Patio Door and super heavy duty  oversized Picture Windows Ringer Windows has a perfect solution for almost every entry door area!

We proudly display patio doors Austin area homeowners can experience nearby in our Walk-Of-Windows Showroom in our headquarters in Taylor, Texas, so there’s no need to guess what they look like. Come see for yourself! In addition, no appointment is needed. Just stop by anytime. Our lobby is open (M-F 8A-5P), so that you can experience all our doors (and windows) in full-size displays! Remember, at Ringer Windows, WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER. Local, factory direct AND affordable!


Configurations for Patio Doors Austin Area

Custom Configurations for Patio Doors homeowners Love – Two-panel Patio Door solutions or Multiple Panel Solutions

We carry nine stock-sized 2-Panel sliding patio doors with our every day Cash and Carry Stock Window Program. The call sizes (5068 – 6068 – 8068), are in-stock in all 3 Ringer Window colors which include white, Almond, and Clay. We make custom sized 2-Panel sliding patio doors in 14 to 17 days. Combine with our PI2000 Large Oversize Picture Windows to create multiple panel options for very wide spaces or very tall spaces. Whether you need a standard stock size or custom size sliding patio doors Austin loves, we have you covered with our PD-2000!

Clay 5′ wide sliding patio door for narrow widths 
White 6′ wide sliding patio door
Almond 8′ wide sliding patio door for Wide widths

Pair Large Picture Windows with Patio Door for Big Views

Three Panel Sliding Patio Door Solution may pair one 2 panel sliding patio door with 1 fixed sidelite. Likely, the best solution for openings wider than 8′ will be one or two fixed sidelites with a sliding patio door.

Combining Windows and Patio Doors for Extra Large Openings

Patio Doors with Fixed picture windows may be combined so that super size openings with lots of glass views can be create. For this reason, the use of Standard size doors and transoms or sidelites in large openings can be excellent solutions for homes. can offer limitless solutions. While a 9′ wide opening is too wide for a single two panel sliding patio door, a great 3 panel solution is pairing a 6′ wide sliding patio door with a 3′ wide large picture window sidelite. Similarly, very tall openings such as 8′ tall openings, a 16″ height transom may be placed on top of a standard 6’8″ height sliding patio door.

Patio Doors Austin TX Can Slide To Open

Sliding patio doors must be easy to slide to open. Entry openings that are very large still sliding doors that are not too heavy. Therefore adding in transoms and sidelites to a standard size door will consequently allow for easy operation.

Tall openings may require a 2 panel sliding door and a fixed transom on top. Consider transoms for openings taller than 8′. Pairing a 6068 door with a 6016 transom will result in a super tall opening with lots of glass.
Transoms are large fixed windows above the sliding patio door. Sidelites are fixed windows next to patio doors Austin homes need for wide spaces.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All our PD-2000 sliding patio doors are KD door systems, which stands for “Knocked Down”. KD doors require assembly before installation. Certainly, 2-Panel doors (XO & OX) are reversible, which means that they can be assembled and installed as Right or Left opening doors. Even more, KD doors are more easily transported to the jobsite before they are fully assembled. Most notably, they can be more easily moved into final position in “hard to reach” spots if your job space is tight. Ringer Windows patio door installation teams require about 1 hour to fully assemble the KD PD2000 Sliding Patio door in a previously framed opening.

KD Patio Door Austin Installations

As described, KD patio doors require assembly before installation. Assembly takes about an hour with an experience installer, similarly, 2.5 hours with a skilled DIY’er. Therefore, a complimentary 15 minute in-person tutorial is highly recommended when picking-up doors at our Taylor Headquarters. Many installers  guidance helpfull.

Pdf image  Click Here for PD2000 Sliding Patio Door Installation Instructions (1.1M)

In Stock 3 sizes, 3 colors, Unlimited Combinations

In-stock call size sliding patio doors Austin contractors and remodelers rely on Ringer Windows so that they get jobs done quickly and reliably. KD call sizes are 5068, 6068, and 8068. Pick up frame and glazed door panels in Taylor, TX


One of our unadvertised specials that’s always IN-PLAY is our “Discounted Patio Door Pricing Special” for clients who purchase a Full House Window Installation. Premium sliding patio door with installation commonly cost $2,800 to $3,500 or more per door. Here’s how it works with Ringer Windows.  To start, Ringer Window clients purchase full-house replacement window installation. As a result, associates will price the PD-2000 premium patio doors Austin and surrounding area clients love at deeply discounted rates.  Consequently, these are priced just a few dollars over our hard costs.

Deeply Discounted Sliding Patio Doors Austin Clients Love!

People love this deal because our PD-2000 doors are so good and certainly a real game-changer! This is our way of saying, “Thank You!” for your business! It’s a simple deal with no strings. All Sliding Patio Doors must be purchased at same time as the full house windows and installation similarly they must all be installed at the same time. The special value pricing is only applicable with the Ringer Windows full house window installation and the PD2000 Sliding Patio Doors Austin and surrounding area installations where we cover.

Ringer Windows doesn’t manufacture swing doors, only sliding patio doors. However,  we realize that some of our clients want single swing doors or double French-styled swings doors. For this reason, if you choose Ringer Windows for a full house window replacement installation, you may purchase your swing doors at any source you like. Lastly, we’ll install it for you during the time we install your windows. The “going rate” for installing swing doors is $350 to $450 per door depending on the complexity of the job. This method for replacing swing patio doors Austin homeowners need allows you to control the cost of your door while receiving a top-flight installation.

Our staff-level crews are highly experienced with swing patio doors Austin area installations. Ask your Ringer Window Associate how we can help with your swing doors!

Considering Sliding Patio Doors

Not sure why a sliding patio door may be a better solution than a swing door, check out our top ten reasons the best two panel sliding patio doors are Ringer Windows sliding patio doors! Most notably, all Ringer Windows PD2000 are build right here in Taylor, TX. Shop local!

Call Ringer Windows 512-989-7000 for your Sliding Patio Doors Austin Area Homeowners LOVE!



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