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Argon Gas Windows in Austin, TX

What are Argon Gas Windows?

Argon gas windows are one of the most popular products we offer. Customers often ask about them possibly due to heavy argon promotion by the replacement window industry. But what is argon gas in windows? Argon is a noble gas which is part of a group including helium, neon, krypton, xenon, and radon. These gases exhibit great stability and extremely low reaction rates. In particular, argon is inert, safe, heavier than air, and naturally occurring. It’s also invisible and denser than air. To make double-pane argon gas windows, argon is inserted and sealed between the glass sheets as they’re bonded together. Some window makers use krypton gas because it’s slightly denser than argon, but it costs more. Ultimately, because of demand for argon gas windows we’ve made them our standard double-pane offering.

Are Argon Gas Windows More Energy-Efficient?

Many professional window salespeople push argon gas windows as a way to improve home energy efficiency. They do so as if argon gas was the single most important component in a window. In truth, argon gas windows are one of the least impactful options for improving energy efficiency in Austin-area homes.

Argon gas filled windows actually work best in chilly climates because they’re designed to lower U-Values. These measurements show how well windows insulate in very cold weather. This is why U-Values often have testing benchmarks beginning at ZERO degrees. Of course, anyone living in central and south Texas knows that we rarely get that cold!

Double-Pane Argon Gas Windows at no Extra Charge!

We believe argon gas in windows does make a slight 1% to 2% difference in performance during our winter months. While it offers only a small benefit, we include argon gas in all double-pane windows at no additional charge.

Illustration of Argon Gas Window with the gas being pumped in between the double-panes

Argon gas is pumped into double-pane windows between the glass sheets

Ringer Double-Pane Argon Gas Window

All double-pane Ringer Windows are argon gas windows at no extra charge

Be an Astute Window Buyer

Add Low-E Glass to Block the Sun’s Harmful, Unwanted Energy

We agree that argon gas in windows slightly improves home energy-efficiency in central Texas. However, for truly impressive energy savings add our great Low-E glass to your windows when you buy them.

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Argon Gas Atomic Number and Periodic Table Symbol

Does Argon Gas Reduce Noise, UV, or Infrared Energy?

As noted earlier, argon gas is included in the family of noble gases. It is also element number 18 in the periodic table with an atomic weight of 39.95. This makes it heavier and denser than air. However, despite these characteristics argon gas has no effect on sound nor the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared energy. Thus, they pass through it in a window as if the double-pane glass chamber is an empty vacuum. Unfortunately, many home window sales people misrepresent argon gas windows as a sound deterrent. Not only is that untrue, but it should alert anyone buying new windows to be wary of those who’ll say anything to gain your business.

We Sell Argon Gas Windows With Seals That Won’t Leak

A foggy, old double-pane glass window with a broken seal

Before: A foggy, not-so-old, double-pane glass window with a broken seal

Don’t let the window on the left be the one you choose for replacement or new construction windows! Its mechanical joints failed within three years and any argon gas inside leaked out. If you want more energy-efficient windows with options like argon gas or Low-E glass, please consider ours first. Many other products simply don‘t meet the high-quality, efficiency, and structural integrity of Ringer Windows. To learn more about why our argon gas window seals never leak, please visit our double-pane windows page. 

Please also check out our energy-efficient windows

After replacement with a new Ringer Argon Gas Window

After: Our replacement Ringer argon gas window. High-quality and made to last!

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