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Argon Windows

The Truth about Argon Windows

Argon Windows is one of the most “asked about” features we offer. Argon is highly promoted within the replacement window industry, particularly with in-home sales people. Some window makers even use Krypton Gas because it’s slightly denser than Argon. Krypton is more expensive than Argon Gas Windows. Because Argon Windows are so often asked for, it is “standard” in all our double pane glass windows.

Why Argon?

Many professional window sales people push the benefits of using Argon Gas in Windows for improving home energy efficiency as if it were the single most important component in the window. The truth is, Argon Gas in Windows is one of the least impactful options that Ringer Windows offers. We educate our clients regarding the truth about Argon. This is the real truth about Argon Windows.

What are the Advantages of Argon Windows

Argon gas fills work best when used in cold climates. Argon windows are designed to lower the U-Value of a window. The U-Value represents how well a window performs in cold weather. Many of the testing benchmarks for U-Value start at ZERO degrees. Anyone who lives in central and south Texas knows that we rarely get that cold!

Argon makes a 1% to 2% difference with our windows during our short winter months. While we believe that Argon only makes a slight impact on our windows performance in Texas, we automatically have all our double pane windows manufactured with Argon.

Ringer Windows offers Argon Gas for No Additional Charge
Single Hung Window in white, closed window, window with screen

Ringer Windows includes Argon Gas in every window

Argon Gas Windows, argon gas, argon windowsTHE SCIENCE BEHIND ARGON WINDOWS

Argon and Krypton are in the family of Nobel Gases. Argon’s Atomic Number is 18 and Krypton is 36. These inert and safe gases occur naturally in our atmosphere. These gases are invisible and heavier than air, thus they are more dense than normal air. If used in a window, these gases are added between the 2 panes of glass as they are manufactured permanently into the sealed glass units.

Neither Argon nor Krypton has any affect on sound transmission or stopping the suns harmful Ultraviolet or Infrared Energy. That is, sound waves and the direct energy from the sun pass through these gases, as if the window an air filled double pane window glass chamber. Many home window sales people misrepresent Argon in windows as a sound deterrent component. Not only is that incorrect, but it should alert anyone buying new windows to be wary of those who will say anything to gain your business.

Be an Astute Window Buyer

Our Low E Glass Blocks the Majority of the Sun’s Harmful & Unwanted Energy

The truth is, using Krypton & Argon Gas windows for improving home energy efficiency work best in very cold climates. In Texas, choose Ringer Windows great Low E windows for impressive energy efficiency.

Quality Argon Gas Windows

Cheap windows fail due to poor hardware and glass and will need to be replaced

Before:Foggy “Not-so-old” Double Pane Glass Windows

Here is a question to ponder… If you are replacing your windows with energy efficient window options such as Argon Gas  or Low E Glass, why would you select a window that doesn’t meet the quality of the energy efficient options you seek? Your window must meet the structural demands to last! Don’t let the window on the left be the window you choose for your replacement or new construction windows! The mechanical joints failed on this window within 3 years and any Argon Gas would have leaked out soon after installation.

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Replacement Ringer Windows Argon Gas Window.

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