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Ringer Windows has the largest supply of stock windows in Central Texas!

  • Special Lower Pricing On All Stock Windows

  • Massive Inventory With 68 Different Sizes & Configurations in White.
In Stock Windows at Ringer Windows

White Stock Windows Available For Immediate Cash & Carry

In Stock Windows at Ringer Windows

Open To The Public and Builders/Remodelers

In Stock Windows at Ringer Windows

Appointments required for in-person consultations and bids

In Stock Windows at Ringer Windows

Custom Sizes Available usually in 10/14 Weeks

Stock Windows of any type can ONLY be picked up at our Offsite Stock Location at 901 South Main, Taylor, Texas 76574. Please call first to check on availability.

Ringer Windows has the largest and most comprehensive inventory of high quality ready-made in stock windows in Austin and Central Texas.  We offer a huge selection with 70 different sizes and configurations with Single Hung Windows, Horizontal Slider Windows, Fixed Picture Windows, and crank-out Casements and Awning Windows.

Our in stock window program is anchored with our Performa 3300 Product Line and supplemented with a few specialty windows with our Elite 5400 Casements and our Resolute 4200 Heavy Duty Large Fixed Picture Windows.  Our Performa is designed as a builder window, best suited for new construction applications, but they can also be used in a few remodeling scenarios as well.

Ringer Windows is proud to be a 100% Texas Company, offering factory-direct windows locally from our manufacturing facilities located in Taylor, Texas.  Because we’ve eliminated the middleman, we’re able to offer exceptional quality and value with some of the best pricing you’ll ever find! 

Ringer Windows are specifically manufactured, engineered, and optimized for our long hot Texas summers, so they are super energy efficient with both outstanding thermal performance and superior sound control – Year Round!  They are designed to keep you cool & comfy in our scorching hot Texas summers as well as cozy & warm in our shorter winter season.  This combination of quality AND value simply isn’t available with any of our competition’s builder window products.

Each in stock Ringer Window features our patented hermetically sealed double-pane glass with our sun-crushing triple coat Cardinal Low-E 366 Glass.  Our Performa also features a rugged 3” frame design with thicker (and heavier) glass, so they are far more durable and reliable than any of our competition’s standard flimsy and thin builder grade windows.

We offer our in stock windows in soft white, but we also offer manufacture them in our Clay and Almond as custom windows, which takes 8 to 10 weeks on average (depending on supply allocations).

  • · Superior Value with ALL in stock windows

  • · Direct to public

  • · DIY Homeowners Welcome

  • · Remodelers

  • · Building Professionals

  • · Home Builders

  • · Competitive pricing

  • · No middleman mark-ups – Purchase Direct & Save Big

  • · Cash & Carry Factory-Direct – Buy today – Install tomorrow!

Single Hung Stock Windows

Horizontal Slider Stock Windows

Fixed Picture Stock Windows

Casement Windows

Due to extremely high demand, we frequently run out of certain sizes of our stock windows. Please call for availability before traveling to our facility.
Single Hung Windows

Single Hung
Stock Windows

Single Hung Windows are the most common windows in most American Homes.  These vertically operated windows feature an operable bottom sash that slides up and down, with a fixed top sash.  This traditional-looking windows provide big clear views with unsurpassed reliability and energy efficiency.  Our Single Hung Windows can also be joined/paired with other windows to create bigger combinations of windows. 

We currently offer 24 different Stock Sizes in our Cash & Carry inventory.  Custom sizes and configurations are also available to supplement any order, including privacy glass, grid patterns, and/or special tempered safety glass. 

Horizontal Slider Windows

Horizontal Slider
Stock Windows

Horizontal Sliders are very popular windows, common in bedrooms, shower enclosures, bathtubs, and in any room where clients need operable windows positioned higher off the floor.  Our stock horizontal sliders feature one operable sash and one fixed.

The nature of our stock horizontal sliders make them perfect for showers, bathtub enclosures, and in smaller rooms where furniture needs to be placed under a window.  We currently offer 20 different Stock Sizes in our Cash & Carry inventory, with a variety of tempered and privacy glass options.  Custom sizes and configurations are also available to supplement any order, and these usually take longer to manufacture. 

Fixed Picture Windows

Fixed Picture
Stock Windows

Picture Windows are non-operable windows that provide crystal clear and unobstructed views. We currently offer 20 different stock fixed picture windows, ranging from very small to very large specialty sizes.  Our Performa 3300 stock fixed picture windows are often joined/paired with other Performa windows to create beautiful combinations of windows with unsurpassed efficiency!  We also stock a variety of specialty smaller sized fixed picture windows for use in bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, and around doors with transoms and sidelites.  We recently added smaller undermount cabinet windows, which also work great in high-wall areas as extra light sources.

Our newest additional to our 20 in-stock fixed picture windows includes two new sizes, using our specially designated Heavy Duty Resolute 4200 Fixed Picture Windows.  The Resolute includes a heavier 3 ¼” depth-of-frame, so they will not mull (pair) with our other 18 Performa 3300 stock windows, but they will mull with our Elite 5400 series as well as all other Resolute 4200 windows.  As with everything here at Ringer Windows, our custom size fixed picture windows can be manufactured to any size or need that the client needs within tested and engineered parameters.  

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are specialty stock windows, and we offer this unique styled window in 3 different size options, configured in both right and left hand operations.  Casements, often called crank-out windows, hinge on the left and/or right side and swing open much like that of a door.  Casement windows provide the best of both worlds with bigger and unobstructed crystal clear views – but with full operability for venting and egress.

Casement windows are often used in bedrooms where safety egress is required for code compliancy.  They are also used over kitchen sinks, showers, bathrooms, and bathtub areas.  Custom-size casement windows are available are often used in conjunction with awning windows as well.




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