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Gift Cards – Rules

1. Ringer Windows Gift Cards may be used singularly or in multiples towards the purchase of authorized and/or applicable purchases directly from Ringer Windows. (Issued in $100 & $250 values) Ringer Windows may not accept replacement window work for less than 4 windows per individual home/client, per our company job acceptance guidelines. Ringer Windows services may not include delivery or installation services to all areas of Texas. Please call Ringer Windows to learn about our current geographical service area(s). Ringer Window Gift Cards can only be used for services that we offer or perform, specifically full service replacement window installations and/or direct window sales. Ringer Windows does NOT perform window repairs, glass repairs, etc.

2. There is NO cash redemption value with Ringer Window Gift Cards. Refunds on partial balances will be disbursed after qualified purchases are paid-in-full & in good standing. For example, if a client purchases products or services costing $980, using (4) Ringer Window $250 Gift Cards, there would be a balance of $20 remaining on the final Gift Card. Ringer Windows will refund the balance of $20 after the purchase is paid- in-full.

3. Gift Cards may be used in conjunction with other Ringer Window sales promotions, unless otherwise stipulated within the rules of a specific promotion or special offer. Please review the details of other Ringer Window Special Offers and/or sales. If clarification is needed, please call our office.

4. CARD ISSUANCE & USAGE – Ringer Window Gift Cards will only be issued by a duly authorized Ringer Window Representative (no third party issuance permitted). Gift Cards will be issued either Blank or Designated.

  • Blank – Blank Ringer Window Gift Cards may be used by ANYONE for ANY QUALIFYING PURCHASE.
  • Designated – From time to time, Ringer Windows may issue Gift Cards as an incentive to specific individuals. If and when this occurs, these types of incentive Gift Card Promotions may only be redeemed by the “Designated Named Person” on the Gift Card, for qualifying purchases used for their personal home.

Gift Cards
5. Ringer Window Gift Cards are valid for 3 years upon issuance. Ringer Windows tracks all issuance dates, which can be confirmed by calling our office, M-F, 8AM to 5PM. Each Ringer Window Gift Card contains a unique Serial Number. Once a card has been used and/or depleted, it will be removed from our system and voided from further usage. They are not re-loadable.

6. Only Genuine Original Ringer Window Gift Cards issued by Ringer Windows will be accepted.