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Tempered Glass

OPTION – Tempered Glass

Shattered Tempered Glass, Safety Glass

Tempered Glass in Safety Windows breaks into small polygons

Tempered glass, often called safety glass, is mostly used where required by code or for a specific safety purpose. The tempering process adds cost to the glazing process. When shattered, tempered glass breaks into very small pieces, unlike regular annealed glass that breaks into long slivers and sharpened shards.

The tempering process is achieved by a series of heating and cooling cycles so that the grain of glass is reoriented from length to width. As the name would imply, tempered glass is also much stronger than annealed glass so it’s often used with larger windows where stronger glass is required.

Tempered Glass Uses

Typically, Building Codes require tempered glass next to doors, in doors, over bathtubs, and where glass is close to the floor. Tempered glass looks no different than regular annealed glass but the tempering process makes it two to three times as strong (structurally speaking).

Unless clients specifically ask for tempered glass, we use regular annealed double strength glass where tempered is not required. We always use, include, and estimate for tempered glass with our bids if we know it’s required or needed. Building Professions, when requesting a quote, please specify which windows will require tempering.

Choose Ringer Windows for all your Safety Windows

At Ringer Windows, we are window professionals so you can rest assured that we will install the right type of glass in all your windows. It is important, when speaking with a Ringer Windows team member, to provide all the information regarding your new construction or replacement windows needs so that we make sure you are getting the correct window product for your applications. All Ringer Windows safety windows use Cardinal IQ Tempered Glass which meets regulatory safety standards, ANSI Z-97 .1-2004, CPSC 16CFR 1201 cat. I ,CPSC 16CFR 1201 cat. II.

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Windows next to doors require Tempered Glass