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Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

The Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Austin Trusts

Affordable, Energy Efficient, & Factory-Direct

Whether custom or stock-sized, Ringer Windows has the replacement windows and patio doors Austin homeowners love. We’re a 100% local manufacturer that sells affordable, factory-direct windows and patio doors for any budget! Our professionally-trained staff crews can also install them for you.

We produce the high-quality lines of vinyl windows and sliding patio doors shown below, all designed for Texas. Our products are great for replacement window and patio door needs as well as new construction applications. All Ringer products and services are sold directly to the public and building professionals. Being a factory-direct company allows us to offer great pricing, expert advice, and superior local service.

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Elite 5400 Series

Elite 5400 Series replacement window catalog

Elite 5400 Premium Tilt Window System

Elegant Replacement Windows Styled for Austin-Area Residents 

We created the Premium Elite 5400 to be our flagship tilt-sash window system and most feature-rich series. A classic beauty, its “look” presents a moderately heavier beveled frame, improved sightlines and the big, clear views Texans demand.

This great looking window is versatile and affordable. Thus perfect for both replacement and new construction applications. It also comes in three brilliant colors with a multitude of styles, options, and custom configurations. This includes our easy clean tilt-in sash.

You can purchase the Elite 5400 as a Single Hung, Double Hung, Horizontal Slider, 3-Lite Slider, Casement, Awning, or Architectural Single Hung (arch top) window. It’s also available in many unique shapes such as half rounds, trapezoids, circles, elliptical, and triangles.

All our vinyl windows and sliding patio doors are 100% locally manufactured in Taylor, Texas.  Ringer Windows has the replacement windows Austin homeowners seek, factory-direct and designed for Texas!

Resolute 4200 Series

Resolute 4200 replacement windows catalog

Resolute 4200 Premium Non-Tilt Window System

Simple, Affordable Replacement Windows Austin Homeowners Seek

The Resolute 4200 is our premium non-tilting window system. Because we simplified the design and reduced configuration options, the 4200 is not quite as feature-rich as our Elite 5400. However, it still delivers “bigger glass” with expanded views, superb energy efficiency and exceptional reliability.

First-rate components and superlative performance make the Resolute 4200 a tremendous VALUE.  In fact, this series offers so much “bang-for-your-buck” it’s become an essential offering in our replacement window line. In other words, just the kind of product Austinites have come to expect from Ringer Windows!

Our budget-friendly Resolute 4200 works great as either a premium replacement-grade or new construction window! Buy it in one of three colors as a (non-tilting) Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, 3-Lite Slider, Fixed Picture, Casement, Awning, or Architectural Single Hung (arch top) window.  Limited unique shapes are also available.

Performa 3300 Series

Performa 3300 replacement windows catalog

Performa 3300 Premium New Construction Window

Cash & Carry Standard-Sized Windows In 70 Sizes & Configurations

Largest US Supply of 5,000 Ready-Made, Premium Stock Windows

The Performa 3300 is our premium new construction window series and the anchor of our Cash & Carry Stock Window Program.

We carry over 70 different sizes and configurations of stock-sized windows and can manufacture custom sizes in 4 to 6 weeks. Click here to Download a list of Stock Windows and Pricing. The Performa series features rock-solid reliability and outstanding efficiency. This is why it performs well in many replacement settings and in all new construction applications.

People don’t typically equate new construction products with the word “PREMIUM.” However, the Performa is truly a premium new construction window.  It packs a powerful punch with its reliability, looks and efficiency, but is easy on your wallet. Actually, you’d be hard-pressed to find differences between our Performa 3300 and many competitor replacement-grade windows.

Although the Performa sports a simple design, it is the replacement window Austin residents seek. Especially for price sensitive jobs. It offers clean sight lines, high energy productivity, and the durability required for our Texas climate. The 3300 has a thicker, 3” deep frame with a smooth, simple design. It can be purchased in four different styles including (non-tilt) Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, 3-Lite Slider, and Fixed Picture Windows.

The Performa comes in white, almond, and clay, but as part our Cash & Carry Program is only available in white.  As with everything we make, custom sizes in one of our colors are available and generally ready in 4 to 6 weeks.  To learn more about the Performa 3300, please call our team at 512-989-7000.

PD-2000 Series

PD-2000 sliding patio door catalog

PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door

2-Panel Door Configurable as Right or Left Entry

We don’t offer entry doors, but we do manufacture heavy duty easy glide sliding patio doors to complement our windows.  Our PD-2000 slider presents a thicker, heavier frame and sashes than other doors. It comes in a stock size as well as in custom-sized, 2-panel configurations.  Our sliding doors are constructed with superior components to ensure smooth operation and a lifetime of crystal-clear views! Furthermore, every PD-2000 includes our most powerful, sun-crushing Low-E 366 glass with argon gas. That’s why they’re supremely energy efficient even in our scorching Texas weather.

We stock the PD-2000 slider in standard 5’, 6’, and 8’ widths in all three of our color options. It’s also available in custom sizes in 2-Panel configurations as an OX or XO. All Ringer sliding patio doors can be paired with a fixed sidelite or overhead transom (PI-2000) window. This allows Austin homeowners to create perfect sets of doors and replacement windows for their design needs.

A note about the PD-2000 “KD” door system:  Many patio doors are in hard-to-reach places in homes, especially after changes like remodeling for second floor decks. These spots may be inaccessible with a fully assembled sliding patio door. This is why the PD-2000 is a “KD” or “Knocked Down” door system. KD doors must be assembled and installed in place requiring significant expertise. Most novices or DIY homeowners not familiar with KD doors struggle with the process. As a consequence, we typically sell them directly to building professionals and DIY homeowners experienced in sliding door assembly. Otherwise, we sell only fully installed sliding patio doors.

Heavy-Duty Resolute 4200 &

Jumbo Frame PI-2000 Series

Ringer employees holding a large picture window which is taller than they are

Large Fixed Picture Windows

Resolute 4200 Heavy-Duty Series

PI-2000 Dedicated Jumbo Series

There’s good news if you’re in the market for really large picture windows with spectacular views. Ringer Windows has two window systems specifically designed to handle the weight and structural demands of larger-sized fixed picture windows.  We’re proud to offer our Resolute Heavy-Duty 4200 Series and dedicated Jumbo Frame PI-2000 Series windows for your consideration.

Our Heavy-Duty Resolute 4200 large picture window and dedicated Jumbo Frame PI-2000 windows come in three colors. Both deliver maximum energy efficiency because of our triple-coated, Low-E 366 glass with argon gas from Cardinal Industries. Ringer’s large picture windows are engineered for the long-haul in Texas and offer spectacularly large, crystal-clear views for decades of enjoyment. Make sure to check out these window offerings on our website.

Ringer Windows installer completing a replacement window project

Replacement Window Installation Service

We want customers to feel confident that their new Ringer Windows will be properly installed in their homes. For this reason we provide professional installation services that match the high quality of the windows we build. When you buy from us, you can be assured that expertly trained Ringer Windows Team Members will install your windows. From demolition to installation to finish, our work is thorough, complete, and clean inside and out. In addition, our windows and installation services are backed by Ringer Windows Limited Lifetime Warranties. Lastly, we have decades of installation experience and top customer ratings.

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