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Sliding Patio Doors Austin, Texas

Ringer Windows builds quality sliding patio doors for residential use for homes in the Austin, Texas area. The PD2000 Series sliding patio doors are outstanding in energy efficiency and durability! This amazing 6″ inside to outside depth vinyl sliding patio door compliments our window offerings. Standard sizes and colors, clay, almond, and white, are available within 24 hours for cash & carry pickup in Taylor, TX. The PD2000 sliding patio doors Austin contractors and homeowners need today, come in 5′, 6′, and 8′ standard widths and 6’8″ height. With Low-E 366 glass and superior components and construction, the sliding patio door has smooth gliding operation every time. For slightly wider spaces, PD2000 sliding patio doors are configurable with sidelite fixed picture windows for 3 panel configurations. For 12′-16′ width spaces, Ringer Windows is pleased to announce it’s now in full production of the PD2000 4 panel sliding patio doors. Ringer Windows also offers custom specialty sliding patio doors Austin homeowners desire for our beautiful European Lift & Slide and Fold & Slide door models.

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Two Panel Sliding Patio Doors

Our heavy duty PD 2000 Sliding Patio Door is a rock solid performer. The 2 panel doors come in five, six, and eight foot lengths, and are available in all 3 of our great colors. Our PD 2000 features an extra wide frame and heavier jamb elements, so it’s much thicker than a standard door you’d find at the big box stores. It includes upgraded hardware and components. This is a rock solid door with very reasonable pricing! The PD2000 requires full assembly to allow for ease in multi-story installations. Ringer Windows offers installation specials with a full-house window installation package. Ask our sales reps for more information.

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Sliding Patio Door Austin Exterior Sliding Patio Door Clay Color

Solid 6″ Threshold Depth! Exterior View

Four Panel Sliding Patio Doors

The PD2000 now comes in a 4 panel, OXXO sliding configuration. The fixed side door panels and the center siding panels are equal widths. The center panels open leaving a double large center opening when fully open! The four panel doors are custom built for your custom opening size in opening size widths between 11′ and 16′. Height sizes range from standard 6’8″ to 8′. This 4 Panel Sliding Patio Door comes with 2 opposing opening sliding patio screen doors.


OXXO Open Configuration

OXXO Open Configuration

Exterior Locks

Exterior Locks

2 curved door handles with lock mechanism

OXXO Sliding Patio Door Handles, Interior

Sliding Patio Doors Austin TX exterior sliding patio door handle with key in clay

Color Matching Hardware and Keyed Entry

sliding patio doors

PD2000 Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Sliding Patio Door Austin Exterior Sliding Patio Door Clay Color

Solid 6″ Threshold Depth! Exterior View

Specialty Patio Doors

For those seeking very special and oversized patio doors, we feature our Lift & Slide and Fold & Slide Systems. These doors are large with a ton of glass and we can make them in sizes way beyond anything most people would expect, like 14’ wide by 8” tall. Imagine the incredibly large views with this much glass! We feature a couple of these doors in our Walk-of-Windows Showroom. Make sure to ask your Ringer Window Consultant about these doors.

Oversized Specialty Patio Doors

Oversized Specialty Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors Austin TX Area Specials!

One of our unadvertised specials that’s always IN PLAY is the “Full House Window replacement with PD2000 Sliding Patio Door Special” when Ringer Windows does the professional installation. The same 6″ depth PD2000 Sliding Patio Doors Austin, TX and Central Texas homes have had installed for many years, are now offered at deeply discounted pricing to clients replacing all the windows in their home when purchasing a full house/full service window replacement and installation with Ringer Windows. We’ll provide you savings, and “value price” our PD2000 sliding patio doors Austin, TX area homeowners will love! This is our way of saying, “Thank You!”. Be sure to ask your Ringer Window Consultant about this great deal for PD2000 sliding patio doors! All Sliding Patio Doors must be purchased at same time as the full house windows and installation. All sliding patio doors and windows must be installed at the same time. The special value pricing is only applicable with the Ringer Windows PD2000 Sliding Patio Doors in Austin and surrounding area installations.

Swing Doors

Ringer Windows doesn’t build or offer swing doors at this time. If you choose Ringer Windows for a full house window replacement, you may purchase the swing doors at any source you like. During your Ringer Windows full home window installation, we can install your swing doors at the “going rate”, of $350 to $400 per door depending on the complexity of the job. We use our experienced crews to handle the installation. This method of buying and installing swing doors works well with most clients. This swing door installation service allows you to maintain control over the cost and quality level you desire for your building project!

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