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Elite 5400
Factory Direct Windows

factory direct windows, factory-direct windows


Super Efficient – Beautiful – Affordable

The Elite 5400 is our most feature-rich premium window series. These great factory-direct windows are available in almost every imaginable configuration with loads of great options.

As our most versatile window system, the Elite 5400 Series features the most options, most configurations, and is perfect for both replacement window installations and new construction applications. This classic Texas beauty features an attractive beveled frame design that delivers improved sight lines with larger and clearer views than most of our competitors’ thicker window-frame designs.

Versatile Beauty at Factory-Direct Prices

  • Three Popular Colors
  • Easy-Cleaning Tilt-in Sashes
  • Single and Double Hung
  • Horizontal Sliders with 3-Lite Sliders
  • Casements and Awnings
  • Architectural Single Hung
  • Special Shapes (half rounds, trapezoids, arched elliptical tops, and triangles).

The Real Deal

All Ringer Windows are specifically designed and engineered for our unique Texas climate. Generic window designs are “OK” for most places, but “average” windows just don’t cut it in Texas!

Many window companies claim to offer “factory direct windows” but usually there are multiple middlemen costs involved. All Ringer windows are made locally in Taylor, Texas and sold directly to you, straight from our shop floor to your home.  No extra markups with building supply companies, Big Box Stores, or over-priced nationally branded windows.  No high-pressure door-to-door window sales people either.

You just won’t find a more professional window company with knowledgeable people than Ringer Windows. Fantastic windows, professionally installed with our staff crews, and backed locally with great lifetime warranties. Ringer Windows is always just minutes away if you need us, not months like most.

Custom Sizing, Expert Advice, Precision Windows

Need custom sized windows for a perfect fit? Let us help. Whether you’re a DIY Homeowner or a Remodeler, we manufacture the Elite 5400 to any custom size and/or color and configuration you might need, usually in two weeks or less.

Resolute 4200
Factory-Direct Windows

factory direct windows, factory-direct windows


Clean Design – Easy On Your Wallet

The Resolute 4200 is our premium non-tilting window system that’s designed to deliver serious value and beauty without sacrificing, quality, reliability, or superior energy efficiency. It features a simplified design with a few less options than our Elite 5400 Series, but it’s just as powerful where it counts with maximum efficiency, looks, and reliability.

The Resolute 4200 Series features a full 3 ¼” depth of frame and a smooth exterior design so it’s not “bulky looking” like much of our competition. These great factory direct windows deliver big crystal-clear views without sacrificing quality or reliability. They are available in white, almond, and clay. 


Resolute 4200 windows are specifically optimized for Texas weather, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Each Resolute is outfitted with our industry-leading, energy-efficient, double-pane Cardinal Low-E 366 glass, with Argon Gas. These powerful factory-direct windows are specifically designed to reduce your energy bills during the scorching summer heat and chilling winter winds. 

Custom, Too

Resolute Series windows work great in virtually any construction setting, whether as a replacement-grade window or in new construction projects. Whether you’re a DIY Homeowner, a Contractor, Home Builder, or a Remodeler, we manufacture the Resolute 4200 to any custom size and/or color and configuration you might need, usually in two weeks or less.


Performa 3300
Factory Direct Windows


A New Standard of Value and Quality for “Builder Windows”

The Performa 3300 is our most affordable window, but don’t let the price fool you. The Performa is a new construction window that features a heavier design and it’s built with better components. It delivers superior reliability and thermal performance that just doesn’t exist with “average” builder grade windows.

It’s no secret, “Builder Grade Windows” are the least expensive and under-performing types of windows you can buy. They are made with the lowest quality components. Builders love them because they are cheap.

The Performa 3300 is a “Premium Builder Window” that truly redefines what’s possible with affordability in a premium new construction window. It features a hearty 3” depth-of-frame with thicker “double-strength” glass, which delivers superior sound control. Each Performa comes standard with our sun-crushing Cardinal Low-E 366 glass and Argon, making it truly one of the most efficient windows ever made in Texas! Best yet, we sell all our Performa 3300 windows directly to the public and building professionals so it’s incredibly affordable because there are No middlemen.

Performa 3300
Premium Builder Window

  • 3″ Frame Depth
  • Internal Reinforcing
  • Industry Best Cardinal Low-E 366
  • Stronger Double-Strength Glass
  • Lifetime Apex Balances
  • Lifetime Seal Failure Protection
  • Metal Locks
  • Argon Gas in All

Builder-Grade Windows

  • 2-1/2″ Frame Depth
  • No Internal Reinforcing
  • Weaker Low-E (Inefficient)
  • Thinner Single-Strength Glass
  • String Balances
  • Cheap Seal – Seal Failure Likely
  • Plastic Locks
  • No Argon

Styles for All

The Performa comes in four different styles, including (non-tilt) Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, 3-Lite Horizontal Slider, and fixed Picture Window. You have a choice of soft white, almond (beige), and clay (taupe).

In-Stock Windows

Need windows right now? We stock a whopping 4,000 of ready-made Performa 3300 stock windows in 70 different sizes in our Cash & Carry window program.  Ringer Windows has the largest selection and quantity of ready-made stock windows in Texas!

If you’re a Builder, DIY Homeowner, Remodeler, or Contractor, why order cheaply made “builder grade windows” at a Big Box Store or Building Supply Company, when you can buy “premium builder windows” with superior thermal performance and reliability for about the same price, AND take them to your project today.

Custom, Too

Need custom sized windows? We also make the Performa 3300 to any size and/or color you might need, usually in two weeks or less.


Factory-Direct Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Door 2000

factory direct windows, factory-direct windows

Heavy-Duty KD Door System – Assembly Required  


Premium Custom Installed Patio Doors 

Sold Only as FULLY INSTALLED – No Direct Stock Sales On Doors

We manufacture a heavy-duty KD sliding patio door system with our easy-glide PD-2000 patio door series. The PD-2000 door series is a KD system, which stands for “knocked-down”, which simply means that assembly is required prior to installation.   †See below why we make KD doors. 

 Anyone who’s ever lived with a “bad” sliding door knows that there’s nothing quite as miserable as a screeching, clunky, and inefficient patio door. Our PD-2000 features a thick & heavy 6” thick frame with heavy-duty sashes. We make our PD-2000 with superior components and rollers that ensures a smooth operation with a lifetime of crystal clear views using our finest sun-crushing Low-E 366 Glass with Argon.  Our PD-2000 is a big sliding patio door, with bigger and more sturdy components, including heavier design features that produce superior thermal and structural performance ratings.  As part of this improved performance, the threshold on our PD-2000 sliding patio door is “higher-than-average”,  and some who are not used to higher thresholds may find it challenging to “step over” when using the door.  We highly suggest that customers visit our showroom in our HQ to experience our PD-2000 sliding door before purchasing. 


†NOTE ABOUT OUR KD PD-2000:  Many patio doors are often located in “hard-to-reach” locations throughout many people’s homes, especially those with multi-story decks, etc.  These locations are sometimes impossible to reach with a fully assembled patio door. The PD-2000 is a “KD” door system, which stands for “knocked down” so every PD-2000 must be assembled before installation. KD doors require significant assembly and a high degree of expertise to both assemble AND install.  Most novices and DIY Homeowners are not familiar with KD doors often struggle with the entire process. That said, we typically only sell our PD-2000 sliding patio doors fully installed, with one of our own highly trained staff crews.  

Factory-Direct Windows


We round-out our factory-direct window product lines with the PI-2000, a large-format fixed Picture Window series.

Larger windows require much heavier tempered glass and frames that are specifically designed to carry the extra weight load. We engineered the PI-2000 with a sturdy 6-inch-deep frame that supports up to 50 square feet of ¼ inch tempered glass.

The PI-2000 also pairs (mulls) well to the PD-2000 Sliding Patio Door system. This enables the easy addition of a sidelite or transom next to, or on top of, any of our sliding patio doors.

So, if you’re looking for large fixed picture windows, consider the quality, price, and availability of the PI-2000 Series.




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