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Combination Windows using Mulled Window Sets

OPTION – Mulled Sets (Anti-Mulls) for Combination Windows

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Twin Mulled Single Hung Windows

Mulling is a window term that describes the option where two or more windows are joined together into one opening. Many folks are unaware that many of the larger window combinations in their home are actually sets of mulled windows. In the “world of new construction building design”, many window makers produce builder-grade windows in just a few sizes. The Architects often design different sets of mulled windows together to create different “looks” from a curb-appeal perspective. This modular method of window/home design can be field-applied to create different sets of windows in almost any setting. Our clients are only limited by their imagination and physical size requirements of the windows. Make sure to ask your Ringer Window Consultant about your personal combination windows mulling options!

Open Up Your View – Anti-Mulling

We coined the phrase “Anti-Mulling” meaning the creation of a single window to replace two or more combination windows in a single space. We often provide this option to our clients. Anti-Mulling is not possible with all window combinations.

Here’s how Anti-Mulling works. Most homes are built in planned communities with set designs and common sized windows. Typically, combination windows in Austin are often designed by architects for two of three mulled single hung windows in a single opening. These combination windows allow for an easy “stick with the template approach”. Nearly every older neighborhood consists of cheaply made builder grade aluminum windows. As a custom window replacement company, we approach your windows quite differently!

As we consult with our replacement window clients about their options, we often suggest replacing multiple combination windows with a single larger window, such as slider windows or picture windows, to reduce the number of windows, lines, and overall cost of the job. Pretty cool!

Anti-Mulling Combination Windows!

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Before: Window opening with twin mulled Single Hung Windows.

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After: Reverse Clutter Option Horizontal Sliding Window

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