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Value Performa 3300 Series –
Single Hung

White Single Hung Window No Tilt

Value Single Hung Window

Value Single Hung Windows
New construction & Replacement Vinyl Windows Direct from the Factory! Our Value Performa 3300 Series Replacement Vinyl Windows offer a powerful punch AND affordable pricing! Our Performa 3300 Single Hung Windows feature a 3“ smooth-frame reinforced frame design with a non-tilting sash system. These Single Hung Windows include window screens. If your looking for a great quality window built to last, BUT don’t need or want all the features and options associated with premium single hung windows this is the window for you. Our Performa 3300 Series Value Windows are so well built that they share many of the high quality features as our Premium Elite 5400 Series Windows, but have fewer options and styles.

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Our Performa 3300 Value Replacement Vinyl Windows are Currently Available in WHITE
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Window Sash stop can open or close

Sash Removal Clip

Single Hung Window has sash stop, great for child safety window stop

Apex Balance Sash

Single Hung Windows windows without sash stop pulled out allow the window to raise up

Fully Raised Sash

Simple Vinyl window frame style for Vinyl Replacement Windows

Elegant Sleek Window Design


Performa 3300 Series High Quality: Simple & Affordable Windows

What is a Performa Window? We hesitate to label our Performa line of custom and stock size windows as “builder windows”. For description purposes, the terms “construction windows”, “discount windows”, or “builder windows” are familiar terms that most remodelers and homeowners understand. These terms usually imply cheap and inexpensive.

We Don’t Make Cheap Windows!

Our Performa is really a hybrid window that features a heavier frame, better components, and superior Low E glass and Argon. This is not what you normally find with cheaply made new construction or replacement vinyl windows. Our extremely reliable Performa 3300 Series Windows are best described as a very well built new construction or replacement vinyl windows with superior parts. These replacement vinyl windows are outstanding energy efficient windows Austin loves!

Value Performa 3300 Windows Vs. Premium Elite 5400 Windows

The Performa 3300 has slightly thinner smooth frame design, fewer options and styles than the Elite 5400 Series. The Performa 3300 Series Windows are built as Single Hung Windows, discount picture Windows, and Slider discount replacement windows. Double hung Windows & Casement windows are only built in the Elite 5400 Series. Ringer Windows Performa Series is made especially for those who want affordable window quality features but don’t necessarily need the variety of options that come with a premium window.

Replacement Vinyl Windows – Try Our In-Stock Sizes!

Our Value Performa 3300 Replacement Vinyl Windows are available in custom sizes and we also carry a variety of stock windows for immediate cash & carry. Our new construction & replacement vinyl windows are available to remodelers, builders, and homeowners. Cut out the Middleman and buy direct from Ringer Windows. Dozens of sizes in-stock.

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* Professional photos by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.