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Premium Elite 5400 –
Double Hung Windows

Closed Double Hung Window in clay color, Ringer Windows Logo
Double Hung Windows with Dual Tilting Sashes

Ringer Windows double hung windows feature a dual operating sash system. Equal size top and bottom sashes slide up and down independently from each other. The Dual Tilting Sash feature makes it possible to clean both inside and outside of the window from inside your home! Ideal for easy second story double hung window sash cleaning without a ladder! Double hung windows feature a full upgraded BetterVue® window screens. With the triple layer Low-E 366 glass, this is one of our most full-featured and energy efficient windows offered!

double hung windows, dual tilt windows, double tilt windows,

Operable upper & lower sashes

Double hung windows with upper and lower open sashes in almond

Privacy latch minimizes opening of upper and lower sash

Double hung windows, security stop on windows

Privacy Vent Latch

Double Hung Windows for Super Easy Cleaning and Great Ventilation!

Double hung windows offer superior air ventilation. Air will circulate with both the bottom and top sashes are open at the same time. The dual sash feature is great for keeping young children and family pets out of harms way by keeping the bottom sash closed while and opening the top sash. Ringer Windows double hung windows feature a privacy vent latch to prevent either sash from opening more than just a few inches. Many Ringer Window clients choose to install our Double Hung windows upstairs while using Single Hung windows on the lower floors. Mix and Match different windows from our Elite 5400 Series to create the perfect set of custom windows for your home. Adding different window grids styles to your double hung windows will create unique custom elevations for character.

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* Professional photos by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.