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HOA Programs & Residential Windows

Programs for HOAs/Churches/Multiplexes

Ringer Windows understands the requirements of obtaining approval from special communities for aesthetic and building code purposes. Let us help you with this process by working with your management company, HOA, or other governing body to help your project requiring residential windows to go as smoothly as possible. We can work with your Church Trustees to help your church with its specific windows needs.

Residential Windows in HOA Communities

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Many Condominium and Residential neighborhoods governed by Homeowners Associations, or HOAs require authorization for architectural changes in homes, including approval for replacing residential windows. Many HOAs regulate what types of windows and/or colors can be used where residential windows are involved.

At Ringer Windows, we are well versed with the “ins & outs” of these scenarios. We understand the need for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a neighborhood vs. the desires of the homeowners to update with superior replacement windows. With Ringer Windows, we offer many solutions that maintain the integrity and “look” of your home while providing superior energy savings and sound control windows. Plus, we are experienced with how to interact with your HOA.

Over the years, we’ve defined a multi-phased approach that works great for most HOAs. First, we usually meet with the Board of Directors or the Architectural Review Board. We talk about all the options, colors, and styles with all our product lines plus, we present examples of our residential windows and referrals for reference checking. Occasionally, a homeowner presents our information directly to their governing board, but we are always available for a presentation if asked.

Once Board approval has been granted, we prepare a product package that outlines all pre-approved windows, options, and colors, etc. This package is made available to all interested homeowners who ask!

At this point in the process, this is where Ringer Windows is different from other window companies… Since condominiums and neighborhoods tend to have the same types of residential windows, floor plans, etc., we prepare a specific package of materials that’s designed for your neighborhood or community. This type of volume allows us to offer special pricing & financing options as well as unique features and options that you’d never get with an individual bid-process.

Ringer Windows – Replacement Residential Windows in your HOA Community.

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