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Low E Windows for Impressive Energy Efficiency

Option – Low E Windows

Low E (Low Emissivity) is the term used to describe the amount energy that transfers through materials. When referring to energy transfer through windows, the IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) light or energy that allows heat transfer and fabrics and objects to fade is minimized and the visible light spectrum is maximized. In windows, a low e coating is applied to flat glass during a special manufacturing process. At Ringer Windows, we offer 3 different types of Low E windows, all specifically suited for Texas.

Low E glass contains two to three layers of silver nitrate (depending on which type is used) that are molecularly bonded to the glass.  Low E glass is slightly darker than clear glass, but not by much. The Low E coating is micro-thin, never peels, and is nearly invisible. Its powerful component drives efficiency in all our replacement windows and new construction windows.

In summer, it’s what keeps the heat out during the summer months and inside during the winter.

Low E Glass

Low E Windows in Summer

Low E Glass

Low E Windows in Winter

The “Ins and Outs” of Low E Windows

Sunlight is primarily composed of 3 components, Ultraviolet Rays (UV), Infrared Rays (IR), and the Visible Spectrum of light. The visible spectrum of light is desirable and harmless. The ultraviolet spectrum causes fading and discoloration to interior furnishings and paint. The infrared spectrum is what heats-up interior surfaces, flooring, and fabrics, causing your home’s interior temperature to rise. Infrared is the “hot” component that we aim to keep out!

The superior low E glass in Ringer Windows blocks most of the harmful UV and infrared spectrums while allowing most of the good visible (desirable) light to pass. We’ve dubbed this glass, “spectrally smart” because it stops most of the bad stuff and allows just the good stuff to pass!

Ringer Windows Glass Options for
Low E Windows

We offer several types of Low E glass options, starting with our basic Low-E 270 and our spectrally smart Super Low-E 366. Our 270 blocks 86% of UV and Infrared while our Super Low-E 366 stops a phenomenal 95% of the harmful infrared and UV light, making it the most efficient Low-E glass we’ve ever seen! For those that seek a much darker look or serious glare control, LoE3 340 is our darkest Low E glass option.

low e windows, low e glass, energy efficient windows

Low E 270 Glass

low e windows, low e glass, energy efficient windows

Low E 366 Glass

low e windows, low e glass, energy efficient windows

Low E 340 Glass
*Great Anti-Glare*

Our Low E windows are great energy efficient windows for your home. Make sure to ask your Ringer Window Consultant about our low e windows during your in-home consultation. If you’d like to see larger samples, please stop by our Walk-of-Windows Showroom in Taylor. Be sure to ask a Ringer Windows Team Member to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Low E windows during your visit. We feature large samples of all our Low E windows that can be viewed under florescent lighting or outside in direct sunlight. No more guessing from a small picture!

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Low E Windows From Left to Right: LoE 270, LoE 366, and LoE 340