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Premium Resolute 4200 – Single Hung

3ft x 5ft Inside view

3ft x 5ft Outside view non-tilting single hung

Frame 50-50

Frame 60-40 non-tilting single hung

Frame 80-20 non-tilting single hung

3f x 6ft Inside view

3ft x 6t Outside view

Almond Single Hung with Eyebrow Top


Our Resolute 4200 Window System boasts a non-tilting single hung premium-grade 3 ¼” depth (front to back measurement) Window System. Unlike our Elite Series tilting sash single hung window, our Resolute non-tilting single hung sash features a simple smooth frame design (not beveled). This window has a simpler features with fewer moving parts, so it’s easier to manufacture at a lower price point. Our Resolute offers rock-solid reliability with clean lines and superior energy efficiency, specifically designed for our Hot Texas weather and cooler winters.

The Resolute features very clean sightlines, with big crystal clear views, so it’s not “bulky looking”, like much of our competition. Our Resolute works great in virtually any setting, whether as a premium replacement-grade window or in new construction projects! It’s available in many different styles. Pair the non-tilting single hung with other windows to create bigger, bolder and beautiful combinations. Available colors: White, Almond and Clay.

Our Resolute 4200 non-tilting Single Hung is a vertical operational window where the bottom sash opens (up and down), and top sash is fixed. Our Resolute Single Hung windows are also customizable with custom sash sizing so we can make whatever sash configuration you desire for no additional cost. All our Resolute Windows come standard with our dual pane sun-crushing Cardinal Super Low-E 366 to beat our hot Texas Summers and Argon gas for super winter protection. We finish each Resolute Single Hung with our “no-see-um” BetterVue® screening system over the lower operable non-tilting sash.

Coming Soon! Arch Top Non-tilting Single Hung Windows

Our Resolute 4200 is a very attractive and versatile window system. Soon we’ll produce beautiful Architectural Single Hung Windows with arched and radius tops. Our Resolute Single Hung can also be paired with other windows to create bigger and beautiful combinations as well.

Our Resolute 4200 is truly a window system that works great in all residential settings. It’s 3 ¼” frame depth and internal reinforcements give it unparalleled strength and reliability. The Resolute is a Sideload Window, so the operable sash actually sets inside the frame, making much stronger and more resistant to air and water infiltration than a traditional tilt window. Sideload windows aren’t all that common in Texas but they perform extremely well.

We designed the Resolute 4200 with a smooth and flat frame design, which produces very clean and economical lines. Homeowners, Architects and Home Designers are all trending towards this style of window with modern building designs.

Our Resolute 4200 Single Hung is configurable with virtually any custom sash size. Amazingly, most people have no idea that this option even exists until we show them. Folks are blown-away when they realize that we offer this type of customization (for no extra cost)! The truth is, production-oriented window manufacturers are commodity-driven. They don’t care much about options. They mostly deal with “standard”. Here at Ringer Windows, we offer “standard” all the time, but we also love to offer “custom” as well, especially when it doesn’t affect the price!

PLANTATION SHUTTER ISSUES! A lot of folks have Plantation Shutters in their homes. While Plantation Shutters are very beautiful and useful, many of them interfere and/or impede with the tilt function that many replacement windows present. Our Resolute 4200 is a non-tilting replacement grade window, so it will NEVER interfere with your Planation Shutters. The Resolute is a perfect window system for folks with Plantation Shutters.

Our Resolute is truly a “one-and-done” window system AND it’s very affordable. Our Resolute 4200 provides decades of rock-solid reliability and unsurpassed energy efficiency that you simply can’t find elsewhere. At Ringer Windows, we are 100% factory direct and we install with our in-house crews, so you just won’t find a better deal anywhere else in Texas.

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* Professional photos by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.