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Premium Elite 5400 Single Hung Windows

Elite 5400 Almond Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window with Tilting Sash

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Prairie Grids on shaped top Single Hung Windows

Easy to Clean Single Hung

Triple Mulled Single Hung Windows

Arch Top Single Hung Window

Single Hung Windows with Tilt Sash

Ringer Windows Single Hung windows are the perfect blend of value, efficiency, and style. The Elite 5400 Single Hung Windows are versatile as high quality replacement vinyl windows or new construction projects. The top sash is a fixed window. The bottom sash is operable and includes our tilt-in sash for easy cleaning feature. Our Single Hung windows tilt sash is highly configurable. Custom sash height are an option.; choose Oriel 60/40 or Reverse Oriel . All our Single Hung Windows come standard with our BetterVue® screen system in the operable portion of the window. Very few window companies in America offer this superior quality in premium single hung windows.

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Ringer Windows premium Elite 5400 Series, Single Hung windows may be combined with other windows in our Elite product line to create multiple sets of windows for superior looks. With creative solutions such as custom sash placement, arch shaped combinations you can achieve large, astonishing views for your home. We even make Architectural Single Hung windows with this system with arched and radial tops. There’s practically no style, custom size, or special shaped windows that we can’t make! These Elite Single Hung windows aren’t lightweight either! The reliability and solidly built window rates very highly with a Design Pressure (DP) rating of 50. This is one of the toughest and most quiet premium windows in the market!

Configurable Sash Splits

Custom and configurable sash splits are an option on our Single Hung Windows. With windows that are typically six feet or taller, many options are available for an adjustable sash height! Typical standard configurations with the sash are 50/50 meaning the sash line splitting the operable sash from the fixed portion on the single hung window is centered. An Oriel, or 60/40, configuration means that a slightly larger fixed upper portion (60% of the entire height of the window) and slightly smaller operable portion of the single hung window. How about a 40/60, or reverse Oriel! Ringer Windows can also do a full custom height as little as 16″ tall sash! Imagine the uninterrupted view to your beautiful backyard or a whole new look to your front elevation with just a change in your sash split in your Single hung windows!

All our custom windows are designed and built for an easy replacement window installation Austin installers prefer. Make sure to speak with a Ringer Windows representative if you have questions.

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