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Premium Resolute 4200 Casement and Awning

Our Resolute 4200 Window Series includes Casement and Awning Windows. Often called “crank-out” windows, these single sash windows look like a fixed picture window but are fully operational. Casement windows are hinged on the side, much like a door, and Awning Windows have scissor hinges, and they vent/open from the bottom. Since Casements and Awning Windows swing outward, the screens are mounted on the inside, which is a bit different than most traditional residential windows. Our Resolute 4200 Casement and Awning windows are available in all three Ringer Window Colors – White, Almond, and Clay.

Ringer Windows also offers a couple of different hinge options with our Casements, providing emphasis on Safety Egress or Washability (easy-clean). Ringer Windows also makes a Twin French Casement, perfect for over-the-sink in your custom Kitchen where a fancier Double Casement works great!


The quality and long-term viability of any casement or awning window depends on robust and heavy-duty operating hardware (hinges and operators). The design of a Casement & Awning window puts all the emphasis on the hardware because the hardware is what fully supports the operable sash. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a sagging casement window knows that it won’t close or seal very well when the hardware bends, warps, or begins to fail.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheaply made casement windows in the world that are made with under-performing or cheap hardware. Here at Ringer Windows, we don’t build ANY window that’s not designed to provide decades of reliable usage! So, where our Casements and Awnings were concerned, we sought to find and use the best window hardware system we could find. We chose Roto Hardware. Roto Casement and Awning window hardware is world renowned for making some of the finest and heavy-duty hardware in the world. Their European “roots” were built around heavy duty window hardware for big windows that are more prevalent in Europe. Roto products cost a bit more than others, but their reliability-factor is unquestionably superb.


It’s our opinion that Casement & Awning windows should only be installed by experienced window professionals. These types of specialty windows are not typically handled or installed by builders, framers, or remodelers all that often. Casement & Awning windows require a different set of installation skills than most window installers usually possess. We recommend that your casement windows be installed by a professional Ringer Windows installation team if you have the opportunity.

If you or your contractor/remodeler choose to do install your own casements or awning windows, we recommend that you consult with one of our Ringer Windows Managers for the best recommended installation technique. You may also read our blog Casement Windows Installations for some simple installation recommendations.

Visit our Window Showroom to Experience Quality Casement Windows and Awning Windows. Our Walk of Windows Showroom is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. We feature more than 35 different windows and doors, including our Awning and Casement windows.

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* Professional photos by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.