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by Apr 12, 2016

Coming Soon! New Big Windows for your home!
Ringer Windows Inc.
PI2000 Vinyl Window Series

PI2000 Big Windows Custom and Standard Sizes

Ringer Windows Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of our newest product offering with our Super Heavy Duty Oversized Picture Window Series, designated as our PI2000. This frame is a fully welded & dedicated Picture Window Frame that features a beefy 6” depth of frame. It’s designed to accommodate 1” Insulated Glass so this platforms supports very large sizes!
Each of these windows is equipped with our finest Low-E 366/Argon Glass Packages for unsurpassed energy efficiency with amazing crystal clear views! The extra sturdiness of this frame is specifically designed to handle thicker and heavier glass, which is required for the stability of oversized windows. The bottom line is simple, we’re now able to offer really big picture windows that are guaranteed to hit the mark!
Just to give some perspective to how exciting this offering really is, our new PI2000 big windows can easily accommodate a Picture Window that’s 96” wide and 84” tall. That’s a whopping 8 feet wide & 7 feet tall! Up to now, residential windows in this size range were virtually impossible to find! Needless to say, we’re very excited to offer these very special big windows to our clients who DEMAND really big views with super efficient windows!
We currently carry this frame in white but we will soon be adding Almond and Clay within a few months. Call our office with all your questions and/or quote needs. Don’t be afraid to go big! Dare to dream about views you never imagined with Ringer Windows!

Greg Ringer