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by May 10, 2017

I’m always pointing out the reasons why people should be “very aware” of how the “Super Discount” Replacement Window Franchises sell their replacement windows at prices that are so low that they seem “Too good to be true”. The truth is, there are many reasons how they achieve price points that are so low. There are a million ways to cheapen up a window without that the average homeowner will never know until its too late and many of their installation techniques and/or capabilities are very suspect…. Well, today, we learned a new one!

Giving props where they’re due….  the phrase “not exactly” was made famous by Hertz Rental Car.  Hertz set the Gold Standard that many others have tried to emulate ever since…

Most people want high-quality windows with superior components, installed by competent and professional crews with state-ofRinger Windows & Not Exactly-the techniques and products.  The truth is, if you don’t have both high-quality window products and competent and professional installation teams, you’re likely going to get “not exactly”.  It’s just that simple.

True Story…… We recently replaced windows in an Austin neighborhood, not unlike many that we handle each week. While installing in our client’s home, the neighbor next door approached us and told us an interesting story. This neighbor looked at several window companies and selected the one with the lowest price, which is not an uncommon story. Unfortunately, Ringer Windows was not in the original mix. After obtaining 4 bids, she chose the window company with the lowest price. Her main reason for choosing this company was because they were quite a bit lower than the other 3. She also admitted that she didn’t know much about windows, but the allure of a super low price was very appealing.

Her home had several arched windows on the front elevation, which is common in nicer homes with some architectural flair! This is where her story takes a nosedive! She allowed herself to be talked into squaring off the arched openings and eliminating the arch features because she was told that arch top windows were cost-prohibitive AND that her window company did not have access to custom-made arch top windows. As you can see, her window company filled-in the arch with misaligned bricks. The truth is, replacement windows with arch tops are more difficult to build and a bit more expensive, but they are NOT cost prohibitive nor are they impossible (if you have the right manufacturing technology).

We suspect that her Super Discount Window Company did not have the capability to produce radius top windows. Not all window manufacturers can make custom radius windows.

Needless to say, after they installed her squared-off windows, she was extremely unhappy. It totally changed the look of her home. She wasn’t thrilled with the sheetrock patch on the interior wall and she lost the unique architectural “look” and the light that passed through the radius windows. There are a lot of reasons how and why the Super Discount Replacement Window Companies sell for so little. This is reason number 17.

If you have arched windows, yes, they are more difficult to produce but not impossible or cost prohibitive. So, if someone tells you that you can’t keep your arched windows, or it’s too expensive, I hope you’ll give Ringer Windows a call! Here at Ringer Windows, we’ve got you covered with professional grade arch top window service! Here’s just a few examples of the thousands of arched-top windows that we’ve done over the last dozen years.