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Replacement Window Styles

by Nov 21, 2019

Single hung, Double hung, horizontal sliding, casement, awning, and fixed picture windows of different shapes: Considering different window replacement styles is one the most important and fun parts of planning for window replacement. With so many replacement window styles available for homeowners to choose from, selecting new windows and selecting one window style over another can be a challenge. Let’s look at some questions and solutions to a few considerations when selecting styles.

I meet with lots of folks daily and ask lots of questions what they’d like to see in new windows. Ringer Windows loves building the perfect set of replacement windows Austin, TX area homeowners seek to improve so many aspects in their home! From improving the comfort level in your home through better energy efficiency and durability to updating the look, we’ll find that unique solution when considering new replacement window styles for homes.


Considerations When Selecting Replacement Window Styles

  1. Why would I select one window style over another?
  2. What type and series of window should I select?
  3. What safety concerns do I need to be aware of?
  4. Can I mix windows throughout the home?
  5. Should I use the same configurations of replacement window styles that were in the home?

Safety and Meeting Building Codes

When replacing windows, many homes do not meet current updated building codes with respect to window opening size for sleeping areas. One way to meet updated building codes is to reframe the window opening to a larger size to allow for a same style window to go into that window location. However, some windows can’t be resized due to masonry or other permanent structures interfering with structural resizing. Reframing window openings adds more cost to a replacement window job and may require additional trade work such as interior carpentry, electrical, or plumbing. Sometimes a different window style can be used to provide a larger escape opening.

How Replacement Windows Styles Can Be Modified for New Building Codes

For example, a bedroom opening consists of two side by side mulled short single hung windows. Mulled Single hung windows allow for either sash to open up and down. The lower sash lifts up to nearly half of the window opening height. When the home was built, there were no building codes dictating the height requirements for escape. An easy solution to meeting the opening height egress requirement is to replace the 2 single hung windows with one single horizontal sliding window. Now, the opening of the horizontal sliding window is the full height of the opening. Therefore, the height is large enough to meet the new updated building codes.

two old single hung windows non-compliant egress

Old Mulled Single hung Windows in bedrooms don’t meet egress.

old combination windows with picture windows and single hung windows

Old picture windows and single hung windows.

Horizontal sliding windows can turn larger width, shorter height mulled windows into safer egress windows

Safety! One of these is a casement window to allow for easy escape for emergency

Similarly, a small single hung window may be replaced with casement replacement window styles. These crank style full operable sashes will nearly double the opening size. Therefore, the new windows may meet new updated building codes. Often times casement windows may be slightly more expensive than a single hung window, however, the additional cost of providing  egress for small window sizes should be considered.

Window Styles for New Construction Building Codes

First, when designing a new build home be sure to understand your city or international building code requirements before purchasing new windows. Next, be sure to discuss specific window opening size requirements with us prior to ordering any windows.  Building code requirements may need to be met with specific replacement window styles or sizes. Finally, not every window style and size will meet specific building codes. Ringer Windows can calculate window opening sizes so be sure to tell us your requirements!



Functional Replacement Window Styles

A Common question I often get, “Is it OK to mix different window styles on the front elevation of a home?” The answer is most definitely yes. Window combinations mixing picture windows, horizontal sliding windows, and hung style windows allow a deviation from the standard single hung operable window style on every window opening. Window cleaning on multi-story homes may also be a concern when selecting windows styles. Double hung windows are easy to clean with dual tilting sashes. Single hung windows have a screen just on the lower operable portion leaving the top crystal clear! Picture windows provide the largest, clearest views imaginable. Create the best set of custom windows for your home for the way you live.

Interior window coverings such as blinds or plantation shutters are often used to help reduce oppressive heat issues. Ringer Windows incredible Low-E coatings will cut out excess heat. If you need to eliminate people peeking into windows, consider privacy glass solutions. Plantation shutters are often hinged within the interior window jamb. Non-tilt-in single hung windows or fixed picture windows are ideal replacement window styles for use with plantation shutters.


Consider Double Hung With Tilt-in Sashes for easy clean windows

Mix multiple styles on Front Elevations

Fixed picture windows and low modified sash single hung allow for giant views and ventilation

Unique Replacement Window Styles include replacement windows on Bow Style windows. Combinations of Picture Window and single hungs

Don’t Be Afraid of Grids! If you like them, then include them in your replacement window styles

Ventilation, Operability, and Grand Views

Consider how you want your home to get fresh air. Cross ventilation may be important. Selecting window styles over kitchen sinks, tubs, or in difficult to reach locations are worth consideration. There’s a trade-off of being able to reach locks, pull rails, to easily open a hard to reach window. Horizontal sliding are easy to slide windows, but place the meeting rail (sash line) vertically down the center of the window. Replacing builder grade single hung windows in second story, non-reachable foyer locations is a fundamental change that makes sense, but always consider the exterior elevation styling for balance. Casement and awning window styles allow for larger vented openings than single hung or horizontal sliding windows but have limited window size restrictions. Pairing operable windows with fixed picture windows can offer great ventilation opportunities and allow great views as well. Creating special shapes with center operating arch top single hung windows with fixed side windows or with large center picture windows with side operable single hung windows can create unique combinations of replacement window styles for that perfect window solution.

Window Options to Reflect Your Style

Replacement Window Styles shouldn’t end with the operability of the window. Frame color, glass efficiency and obscurity, noise control, security, and Window Grids should also be considered when selecting custom window configurations.

Options to consider

I am often asked “what’s popular?” or “what do most people get?”. I can give you the answer of the day, however, tomorrow may be a different story. Not everybody has large sums of disposable income to replace their windows every few years. Ringer Windows are built to last, therefore, options for replacement windows styles should come down to these considerations. What are the biggest issues that need to be solved by replacing windows? What style do you like? What’s the style or architecture style of your home? What is the configuration of your home for east/west/north/south exposure? Do you have issues with glare? Do you have issues with noise?

Our Replacement Windows Will Fit Your Style

Ringer Windows has many replacement window styles and options for creating the best solution for you. When meeting with a Ringer Windows consultant let us help to create that perfect set of windows for your home!

 Give us a call (512) 989-7000 or send a contact form to schedule with one of our professional window consultants!


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