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by May 6, 2019

The Problem with Vinyl Shower Windows

Most American homes possess several small vinyl shower windows with either a fixed glass pane or sliding panel that opens horizontally. They’re typically 3 or 4 feet wide and 12 to 18 inches high. Shower windows like these bring in natural light and vent steam extremely well, but their small size makes them difficult to manufacture. Thus, most window companies, especially very large ones who focus on builder-grade products, don’t produce them because of their limited economic benefit. For these reasons small shower windows are hard to find. Some manufacturers have capitulated to customer demand by offering fixed-pane shower windows, but no sliders which allow for much-needed ventilation. At Ringer Windows, we have dozens of both fixed-pane and horizontal slider vinyl shower windows!

Other companies’ shower windows typically have thick frames and very little glass.

Vinyl Shower Windows are In Stock at Ringer Windows

Our fixed-pane and horizontal slider vinyl shower windows are in high demand, so we have a huge selection of them in our Performa 3300 series.  They’re also part of our everyday Cash & Carry Stock Window Program and are always on hand! Please see our shower windows and all 70 of our stock window offerings by downloading the stock window price list.


What Most People Don’t Know About Vinyl Shower Windows…


They’re not designed to get wet on the inside

Important Note:  Vinyl windows are designed to stop rainwater outside the house from getting in. However, they cannot tolerate continual water exposure inside the home. This is why large windows do NOT work well in showers or wet areas as they may be regularly subjected to water from shower heads and wands. 

Both water and bath products damage them

People who remodel or build a home often assume that a big fixed or operable window will work well in a large shower area.  It seems logical since vinyl is typically unaffected by water, right? Large windows in showers do look nice, but they’re often in the direct line of water flowing from a shower head or handheld wand.  Residential windows are engineered, built, and SEALED from the inside out.  Their interior-facing sides cannot withstand direct or indirect water spray from a shower, nor the soap and shampoo that may splash onto the window and seep into the sealants.  Any appreciable amount of water coming into contact with the sealants will eventually cause them to fail.

Smaller ones placed higher up are better

Soaps, shampoos, and harsh cleaners are especially hard on window sealants. They erode them from the inside out.  Small shower windows are usually installed high enough to be relatively unaffected.  However, larger shower windows are prone to failure as they’re more likely to be in the “line of fire” from water, cleaners, shampoo, and soap residue.  If you’re building or remodeling a bath or shower, we encourage you to ask your Ringer Windows Representative about the best vinyl shower window for your needs.


Vinyl Shower Window Options & Pricing

We stock a whopping 70 different sizes and configurations of stock windows, all ready for immediate Cash & Carry. Sixteen of them are designed for use in showers, tubs, and bathrooms. Eight other windows are often used in specific shower and bathtub setups. All our shower and tub windows have tempered glass for code compliance, and we also carry a good selection of privacy glass.


Fixed Picture Shower Windows

PW 1010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $149.04

A very small, fixed picture window designed to be used singularly or in multiples to increase natural light.  Some clients use it under cabinet mounts in kitchens or in showers.

PW 2010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $154.57

Slightly larger than the 1010, this fixed picture window can be used singularly or in multiples to provide extra “splashes” of light around the bath or shower area.  This size also makes a great under-cabinet mount in the kitchen.

PW 2030T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $177.30

The 2030 is a medium-sized fixed window that can be used in a shower provided it’s not in the direct path of the water flow nor has to withstand excessive soap or shampoo residue.  It’s best placed at the foot of the shower furthest away from the shower head.

PW 3010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $160.01

Non-operable windows like this one are very common in showers.  Most often installed at head height, they deliver good outside views with lots of natural light.

PW 3020T – Fixed Picture Windows, Tempered Clear Glass – $177.30

Robust fixed picture windows like the 3020 are a good fit for shower enclosures but a bit less popular for this purpose. It is usually installed high up on the side wall or on the end wall opposite the shower head.

PW 4010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $165.45

Long, non-operable window delivering tons of light to any shower.  Perfect for shower sidewalls.

PW 5010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $171.57

This extremely long non-operable shower window delivers a lot of light and is designed for extra-large shower enclosures.  It’s also perfect for high wall settings where extra natural light is desired.  Some customers have even installed this beauty above doors for additional light.  No doubt about it, a great window.

PW 6010T – Fixed Picture Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $182.74

The 6010 is an extremely long non-operable window which can only be used in extra-large showers.  It is also used over entry doors and high on walls where space is limited but natural light is required.


Horizontal Slider Shower Windows

SS 3010T – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $231.52

One of our most common shower and bath operable windows.  It’s perfect for bringing in much needed light while venting steam.

SS 3010T OBSCURED Privacy Glass – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Glass – $263.85

When privacy is required for your shower window, this attractively patterned glass obscures the view while bringing in loads of light.

SS 3010T RAIN Privacy Glass – Horizontal Slider, Tempered Glass – $266.13

Our RAIN glass windows are another beautiful privacy option for your shower that deliver ample amounts of natural light.

SS 4010T – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Clear Glass – $242.05

This shower window is slightly wider than the 3010 RAIN and clear, perfectly at home in any shower or bath.

SS 4010T OBSCURED Privacy Glass – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Glass – $273.65

A slightly larger obscured privacy glass window for more brightness in your shower.

SS 4010T RAIN Privacy Glass – Horizontal Slider, Tempered Glass – $275.88

An attractively patterned glass window that delivers loads of light with the advantage of RAIN privacy.

SS 4016T – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Glass – $247.87

If a slightly bigger venting shower window is needed our 4016 slider fits the bill!  This beauty is very versatile and can be used in bedrooms, utility rooms, or anywhere a compact venting window is required.

SS 4020T – Horizontal Slider Window, Tempered Glass – $233.39

This robust, smaller horizontal slider provides a ton of natural light while maximizing ventilation.  It’s best suited for larger showers but is often used throughout the home in virtually any room where additional light and air flow are needed (without giving up too much wall space).


Honorable Mention: Vinyl Windows for Other Areas of the Bathroom

Ringer Windows also carries other commonly used, bathroom-size vinyl windows not generally suited for showers or tub enclosures. A good example is our 2030 single hung window which comes in eight different configurations.  Often found in toilet rooms and master closets, it is ideal for bathroom walls.  Privacy glass is also available with some stock windows in this size range.

SH 2030A – Annealed Single Hung, Annealed Clear Glass – $198.80

SH 2030T – Tempered Single Hung, Tempered Clear Glass – $236.80

SH 2030A OBSCURED Privacy Glass – Annealed Single Hung – $221.12

SH 2030T OBSCURED Privacy Glass – Tempered Single Hung – $221.12

SH 2030A RAIN Privacy Glass – Annealed Single Hung – $242.61

SH 2030T RAIN Privacy Glass – Tempered Single Hung – $274.42

SH 2030A FROSTED Privacy Glass – Annealed Single Hung – $301.63

SH 2030T FROSTED Privacy Glass – Tempered Single Hung – $331.46


Garden Tub Windows

Many Texas homes feature a large garden tub window averaging 48″ by 48″ in the master bathroom.  Operable horizontal sliding windows are routinely used for this purpose and occasionally fixed picture windows. We stock both a large horizontal slider and several fixed picture windows for garden tub applications.  Naturally, all have tempered glass for code compliance. Blinds are frequently used because of the window’s location next to a large bathtub.

PW 4040T OBSCURE Privacy Glass – Tempered Fixed Picture Window – $354.40

PW 4040T Clear Fixed Picture Window – Tempered – $293.03

SS 4040T Tempered Horizontal Slider, Tempered Clear Glass – $325.78



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