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by Aug 7, 2015

There’s an old saying that “A BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH”. I want to share a true story as told to me by a new client of ours here at Ringer Windows. This is a true (and very common) story of what can happen when people purchase windows through a Big Box Store or Building Supply Company.

Mary (our new client) is in the middle of a building project. Not unusual, she probably waited a bit too long to place her window order so she was already behind in the process. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a large remodeling or building project knows that there will be setbacks and delays. It is inevitable! So, my first bit of advice for anyone planning a remodeling project that involves windows, PLEASE ORDER THEM WELL IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU THINK YOU’LL NEED THEM!

Back to my story….. There’s only a few outlets where remodelers, builders, and/or homeowners can purchase ready-made windows in Central Texas. At best, these sources carry only a few sizes with very limited quantities.

Big Box Stores

Building Supply Companies

Lumber Yards

Building Supply Companies and Lumber Yards are usually a bit intimidating to the average homeowner/consumer so a large percentage of residential consumers who need windows tend to gravitate towards the Big Box Stores, simply because they are more retail-friendly. Building professionals and remodelers also use the Big Box stores but are equally comfortable at a Lumber Yard or Building Supply Company.

Big Box Stores carry no more than a few sizes of ready-made vinyl windows. At best, they are very low quality builder-grade products, likely not what you really want in your personal home. Building Supply Companies and Lumber Yards rarely carry ANY residential stock windows, and it takes 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. The truth is, if you need windows NOW, and you’d like to have a little variety of sizes, there is NO other place in Central Texas other than Ringer Windows that can accommodate your needs!

So, getting back to the title of my Blog, “A BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH”, I want to tell everyone about our Stock Window Program here at Ringer Windows and how we might help you with our Cash & Carry Stock-Window-Program. At Ringer Windows we stock over 35 sizes and styles of windows. We also stock 9 sizes and styles of sliding patio doors, with dozens of door sidelite options. Bottom line, we usually have 300 to 400 windows in our warehouse and we’ve got room to expand it up to 1,500 windows if needed.

Our stock window is the Performa 3300 Series. Our Performa features a three-inch depth of frame, which is substantially heavier than what you’ll find in the Big Box Stores. This extra thickness makes our Performa 3300 heavier, stronger, and more reliable as well. We didn’t stop with just a better frame and sash! Our Performa 3300 also features better components from top to bottom, including a superior balance system and superior double-pane glass, complete with our SUN-CRUSHING Cardinal 366 Low-E & Argon Gas. So, if you want superior energy efficiency, along with a more reliable window, and you don’t want to break the bank, our Performa 3300 is a perfect choice!

Many people have commented that our Performa 3300 feels, looks, and performs like a much pricier replacement-grade window. Good news Texas, our Performa 3300 is priced very competitively with our every day low pricing AND we have them in-stock so you can have them TODAY, not 3 to 5 weeks. Please check out our website at ringerwindows.com where you’ll find a complete list of stock windows and pricing. Building professionals, don’t forget to ask about your professional discount as well.

SHORT HISTORY ABOUT RINGER WINDOWS – Ringer Windows is a Texas based window manufacturer. Our fabrication facility and showroom are located in Taylor, Texas. We handle full service replacement installations and straight-up window sales to both the general public AND building professionals. ALL OF OUR WINDOWS are engineered and designed to work optimally, right here in Texas! If you’re looking for affordable windows that crush our hot Texas sun, give us a call!

Finally, some Good news about Mary! Her original set of windows from the Big Box Store arrived broken, late, and they looked to have some manufacturing defect issues. She discovered Ringer Windows and was pleased to learn that she didn’t have to wait another 6 weeks for a new set of windows from her Big Box store. She purchased our Performa windows, took them home (same day – in the back of her truck), and she promptly told the Big Box store to “come back and pick them up because I found a better window”!

So, before you pay too much, wait too long, or accept poor quality, please check us out at ringerwindows.com or give us a call at 512-989-7000!