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by Sep 4, 2015


Yes! Being a Game of Thrones Fan, Winter IS Coming. However, I’m not a fan of winter. Originally from the cold north, I’ll take 100 degree heat over 20 degrees cold any day.

As I sit here in my very comfortable home with my energy saving Ringer Windows, I have realized several things about my windows. Although my Ringer Windows were specifically designed with months of excess heat in mind, I have enjoyed my very comfortable home during the winter months. My Ringer Windows have improved comfort levels and reduced utility bills.


When qualifying replacement windows and effective winter energy efficiency, examine overall window construction, quality materials, proper window installation techniques, and regular home maintenance.

window manufacturing at Ringer Windows


Overall window construction is important to the long lasting energy efficiency of replacement windows. Over time mechanical joints in aluminum and wood frames wear out and begin to sag over time. Vinyl windows are fusion welded to create a frame that is formed into a single unit with all four frame corners welded along the diagonal. Fusion welded diagonal joints are more durable than supporting the weight of glass on small corner joint pins. Ringer Windows reinforced metal sashes also provide more support of glass and prevent sagging sashes. Sagging sashes in cheaply made windows are caused by the weight of glass in the window putting more stress and causing a bending of the sash. Gravity- tough on windows. Large windows are susceptible to sagging sashes. Sagging sashes will allow air leakage where the upper and lower sashes meet in single or double hung windows. Sagging sashes may also lead to seal failures in double pane or triple pane glass.


Window construction and window materials are inter-related when examining window energy efficiency. Many double pane windows have dense argon gas to improve the window U-Factor. U-Factor is the fenestration thermal rating describing insulating value of a window. When a seal failure occurs, argon gas escapes and the double pane glass no longer insulates as well at lower winter temperatures. Double pane glass is another improvement in improving winter energy efficiency with Ringer Windows. Double pane glass paired with a great low-e is a great way to combat cold in Texas. Although most of the time in Texas when discussing Low-e coatings on glass, we speak of how Low-E improves the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) to reduce heat gain during summer months. Low-e coatings also work to reflect IR (infrared heat) back into your home when heating your home! A great low-e glass with at least Low-E3 366 glass is the best defense for your home. Many folks will ask, if two panes of glass are better, then how about three? Yes, triple pane windows do have a lower U-Factor than double pane windows with the same low-e glass. However, the trade-off with costs, weight, and replacement costs may not outweigh the benefits of low-temperature efficiency especially in Texas. I recommend reading my blog post about triple pane windows for a more detailed discussion. At Ringer Windows, we listen to our friends and neighbors of Austin and Central Texas. If triple pane window thermal efficiency ratings are what you are looking to improve winter efficiency, we recommend the upgrade to the Low-E i-89 glass. The addition of a 4th reflective indium layer to the inside surface of the Low-E3 366 double pane glass reflects more heat from your furnace into your home. The final material advantage of Ringer Windows is the fine 100% virgin vinyl. Our durable vinyl material with insulated air chambers is ideal for winter energy efficient windows. Vinyl has a low conductivity of heat energy. The rate of heat energy loss through your vinyl windows is significantly less than metal windows.


Purchasing a well-made windows with quality materials is not the end all to those cold winter months. Most people don’t realize that quality window installation is critical for those new windows to provide the best efficiency in your home. New Construction window installation is more forgiving than replacement window installation. New construction window installation requires a framed opening, and a window with a nail flange. Through proper window installation methods, insulation around the window and proper drywall and exterior siding installation with long lasting sealing materials during new construction will provide the necessary protection against the cold.

replacement window installation

New Construction with Ringer Windows

Replacement window installation is a little more complex and requires stringent installation methods for the variety of installation methods used for replacement windows. Choosing an experienced installation company with the knowledge to correctly install replacement windows is crucial to a well sealed and insulated replacement window. Using a replacement window for new construction is perfect! However, using a new construction window for replacement window installations is never a good idea unless you are planning to remove your exterior siding to reveal the wood frame. Around the perimeter of all Ringer Windows is an accessory groove that receives a variety of trims and mull strips to provide the extension to the interior or exterior openings to fill in gaps due to uneven openings. Insulating around the window and using a long lasting quality caulk will provide final touches to a well-installed window.


Of course, an energy efficient home requires regular home maintenance to ensure continued comfort over the years. Annual inspection of caulk around your windows is required both inside and out. Don’t let those small caulk crack turn into large ones! Annual maintenance will provide continued efficiency to combat cold.

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