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by Dec 14, 2018

Front Elevations of homes often have common window types. Tall windows will typically be single hung windows, shorter windows in sleeping areas will typically be horizontal sliding windows. When a home is designed, typically the builder will use standard size and these standard styles of windows to fit a common size framed opening. Sometimes multiple windows will be connected together to fill in an opening to achieve different elevation styles. An arch window opening is often filled by mulling together a standard single hung window with an arched fixed picture window. Windows that are connected together are called a mulled window set. Additionally, windows may be grouped together and separated by interior sheetrock and exterior materials such as masonry or siding to create a specific style. Usually the standard size, straight sided single hung will be the mainstay of these window groupings.

Old Center single hung Arch window with flanking single hung windows

At Ringer Windows, we build windows to meet your home needs. An arch window may be created with a mulled set of windows or may be created with a single window! Yes, straight sided single hung windows and horizontal sliding windows are great for meeting the needs of building requirements. However, we love to present different options for creating window configurations to meet your personal needs and creating unique looks for your home!


One very common window configuration is a larger width center window with two narrower side single hung windows. Commonly the center single hung window will be mulled with a half round arch on top. Single hung windows come in many different standard widths between 18” and four feet. Window heights for these types of configurations range from 4 feet to 8 feet! Because of the wide ranges of widths and heights of standard single hung windows, there are plenty of different configurations out there!

When we replace windows, many other window types are now available to fill in these openings! Picture Windowswithout an operating sash, double hung windows, horizontal sliding windows and arch top single hung windows allow for more creative solutions. Grids or Lites are the lines that create a design style for your windows. These may be added to your replacement windows are can be left off to open up the view!

When I meet with clients who are considering replacement windows for their home, I love to create a window set that best meets their needs and design requirements. Give us a call today and we’ll design, build, and install a great set of replacement windows for you!

New Single hung windows, no grids, arch top single hung windows.

Center Single hung window with arch in center. Fixed picture windows on sides. Grids

Center Picture Window with Separate Top Arch picture window. Side picture windows. Too Big for One Big Picture Arch Window

Arch Window non-operable in center, side flanking single hung windows. BetterVue Screens on bottom!

Old Center Arch window. All Single hung windows. All with old solar screens