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Double Strength Glass Windows


Double Glass ThicknessMost folks have no idea that the glass in their windows can be manufactured in different thicknesses. Generally speaking, people know that they should buy windows with double pane glass, but most people don’t know about the importance of the glass thickness! In general, thicker glass is better than thinner glass. Thicker glass is far more durable, less likely to break, and it provides improved sound control.

In the United States, most residential window glass is either single strength or double strength. Single strength glass is the thinnest glass in residential use, and it measures 2.2 mm thick. Most replacement-grade or “better” windows use double strength glass, which measures 3.0 mm thick. Single strength glass is less expensive, lighter, and more fragile than double strength glass, and it’s more commonly used in less expensive builder-grade new construction windows. Double strength glass is of course thicker & heavier, far more durable that single strength glass. Double strength glass also provides better sound control than single strength.

Glass thickness is rarely mentioned, or even understood, with respects to most professional window sales people. The truth is, once glass is installed into a window, it’s visually impossible to detect the thickness of your glass.

Here’s a really cool &
useful tip when comparing windows!

Regardless of what window you purchase, you should always seek those that are made with Double Strength Glass or thicker!

Many windows tend to look “alike” and it’s difficult for the average consumer to know the subtle differences between premium windows and builder-grade windows. Check carefully, because if a window is made with single strength glass, it’s a very strong indicator that it’s a “builder grade” product. Nearly all premium windows use double strength glass or better.

Here at Ringer Windows, we use double strength glass, or thicker, in ALL our windows, including both our premium Elite 5400 series AND our value-oriented Performa 3300 product line. The added durability and sound-dampening power of thicker & heavier double strength glass simply provides superior quality for the long run.

The truth is, we evaluate the technical glass needs for each window that we manufacture, including very large windows. As a custom window manufacturer, we often make very large custom windows with extraordinarily big glass. These types of windows require special glass that’s thicker and tempered, beyond the load capacities of double strength glass. So, as glass get bigger and bigger, we install the right type of glass that’s required for each window.

When people place their trust in Ringer Windows to manufacture their windows properly, we take nothing for granted! We’ll build your windows properly, or we won’t take the order! So, whether you need double strength glass that’s 3.0 mm thick or super heavy-duty 5.7 mm tempered glass, we’ll get it right!


People sometimes confuse the terminology of Double Pane Glass vs. Double Strength Glass. All the windows here at Ringer Windows use Double Pane Windows technology. That is, all Ringer Windows come standard with 2 panes of hermetically sealed glass.

Double Strength glass refers to the thickness of each individual pane of glass used in our hermetically sealed system. The function of double pane technology AND thicker double strength glass combine to superior sound control with our windows. Our clients are always amazed at how quiet their homes become after Ringer Windows are installed. Learn more about our Sound Control Windows under the options section of our Website.