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by Aug 30, 2018


I talk with people daily about their windows. There are many different replacement window options; color, configurations, glass options, and grids. Although color, window styles, and glass options are important, nothing seems to offer more lively discussion than window grid bars. Discussions about window grids vary from trends and styles to purpose. Replacement windows and custom new construction windows offer a variety of window grid styles to choose.

Craftsman style swag arch window grid bars


Grids, often called Lites or grilles, muntin bars, are lines in the window to simulate the look of the old fashioned single panes of glass in a window. The window grid bars in Ringer Windows are placed between the double pane glass in any pattern designated by the homeowner or builder.

The purpose of window grid bars is to add a particular character to a home. Grids are for aesthetic purposes only! Grids are a great way to dress up the exterior of your home. Grids can make a modern, two story colonial look like an old New England home. Prairie style grids, a grid pattern that outlines the perimeter of a window, while leaving the center open, can make a home look like Texas style farmhouse. Diagonal bars create an intriguing look that are often seen in English style Tudor homes. Arch style grids provide sunburst patterns that create interesting patterns to enhance the arched window.

Styling with Prairie window grid bars can be on straight sided and arch windows


The solid window grid bars block light coming through a window. The sunlight blocked is the damaging UV, visible light, and infrared (heat). The amount of light reduction is dependent on the width of the grids and the number of grid lines in a window. Larger grid openings (this is the visible opening between grid lines) means fewer grid lines and more visible light through the window. Ringer Windows feature Low-E 366 glass to significantly reduce the unwanted damaging UV and heat.

Structure Window Integrity with Grids

Grids do not significantly improve the energy efficiency through a window. Although grids limit the amount of light coming into a home, the amount of solar heat gain is minutely less and need not be a major consideration in window energy efficiency improvement. Grids do not improve the structural integrity of a window. The grids in Ringer Windows are factory sealed between the panes of glass and do not provide structural advantages over windows without grids.

colonial grids styled on kitchen windows add character to home

Grids on Front and Back Elevations

Grids can be placed in windows on the front, side, and back home elevations. Window grid bars placed on every window throughout a home conform with a uniform look throughout. Grids may be placed on front and front-visible side windows if you are trying to dress up the front of your home. Leaving back windows without grid bars can save a few dollars and provide a line-free view into a beautiful back yard vista. Grids may also be placed on a single window to draw attention to an area, such as a small bathroom or kitchen window to create character or a focal point.


What are the rules on grids? I would like to say there are none, however, some condominiums, townhomes, and some home owner associations require grids and some require specific grid patterns. Always check with your community association before placing your window order with or without window grid bars.

sunburst arch window grids capture the elegance on arch window


Here is a list of questions to consider before replacing your windows or purchasing windows for your home.

Are there neighborhood or community restrictions regarding window grid bars?
Is your home a certain style? ie. Williamsburg Colonial, Country Farmhouse, English Tudor
Are you considering grids on just the front elevation?
Consider grids in just the front rooms (some rooms have windows on the front and side windows)
Possibly place grids on one focal point to dress things up!
Grid styles come in contoured or flat. Is there a preference?
Are you able to draw a unique window grid pattern?
Do grids interfere with your view to the outside?
Are you trying to maximize the amount of visible light coming into your home?
Do you like a wide-open view without any lines?

Should I get Grids?
If you like the look of grids – get them! . If you like the look of open glass without any lines to block your full view of the outside – go without! Drive around and look at different neighborhoods with and without replacement windows. Browse home improvement shows, home magazines, and visit the Ringer Windows showroom for ideas! You may get a sense of the trending window styles, but remember, whatever you choose, remember with Ringer Windows the style you choose will be for a lifetime!

Happy Grid Designing!



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