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by Aug 27, 2019

Summer has been extremely busy for us here at Ringer Windows. Windows are flying off the shelf (so to speak)! Our sales with ready-made stock windows has exploded. More and more people are finding Ringer Windows and taking advantage of our huge selection of our everyday stock windows. People are driving in from Dallas, Houston, and West Texas just to buy windows from Ringer because we have ALL the windows they need in one easy stop! Below is the link to the updated stock window price list page.

As a matter of fact, many of our homebuilders, and DIY clients who are building their own homes, are buying windows at record numbers! Being responsive and providing windows that people need is what we bring to the table. We are pleased to announce that we regularly add new windows to our Stock Window List based on customer demand! Here is a list of our newest additions to our stock inventory in our Performa 3300 Product Line.

Fixed Picture Window/Clear • 4040PW • Tempered • Low-E 366/Argon • 47 ½” x 47 ½”

Fixed Picture Window/Obscure • 4040PW • Tempered • Low-E 366 • Clear • 47 ½” x 47 ½”

Single Hung • 3060SH • Tempered • Low-E 366 • Clear • 35 ½” x 71 ½” • 60/40 Sash Configuration

A lot of folks are adding 4040 Picture Windows over bathtubs. Some want privacy glass and others do not. Our new additions of 4040 Picture Windows provide two great privacy options for our clients. Also, many of the plans we’re seeing these days include 3060 windows that are next to doors, and or places that required tempered glass for code purposes. So, we’ve added a fully Tempered version of our 3060 Single Hung so that we are better able to fully complete more orders in one shot!

Ringer Windows is proud to be one of the only window manufacturers in the State of Texas that sells openly to builders and the general public. We boast the largest collection of ready-made stock windows in the State of Texas, and quite possibly in America. We know, it’s a big and bold statement, but just take a look at our everyday ready-made stock window offerings!

As Autumn approaches, we’re also adding new delivery capabilities with new trucks and trailers. Make sure to call us with all your window needs. Check out more about Ringer Windows and all that we offer at ringerwindows.com.