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by Nov 24, 2015

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I’m pleased to announce that Ringer Windows has doubled our supply of stock size vinyl windows that we keep in our warehouse. For those who are not aware, there is a shortage of stock size ready-made vinyl windows though the traditional sources at building supply companies AND the big box stores. The large window manufacturers that typically supply stock size windows here in Texas have shifted their production commitments to meet the demands of Texas homebuilders who’ve been gobbling-up windows at phenomenal rates.
Very simply, The Texas building boom has adversely affected stock window supplies across the state. So, here at Ringer Windows, we seek to fill the void by stocking a large quantity AND variety of ready-made stock windows in our warehouse! We stock 39 different sizes and styles of our Performa 3300 vinyl stock windows! To be honest, we don’t know any other source in the Southwest that carries as many different windows in so many different sizes! People are driving-in from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and all parts of Texas to buy Ringer Windows! We are conveniently located in Taylor, Texas, just minutes from Austin, so we are centrally located for most of Texas!


We are especially proud of the performance and quality with our Performa windows. Many folks who’ve bought, used, or have builder grade (stock sized windows) don’t expect much performance from these types of products because they come with the stigma of being a “builder grade” type of product. While our Performa 3300 may be affordably priced, like a builder grade window, it’s anything but…… Our Performa 3300 features a sturdy 3” depth of frame, with reinforced sash elements, and Apex Balances. Each Performa is equipped with our most efficient LoE3 366 glass filled with Argon gas, so there’s NO sacrificing energy efficiency with this window! The thermal double pane efficiency of our Performa 3300 meets or exceeds almost every energy efficiency code requirement set forth by any city in Texas! They are simply “just that good”!

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