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by Dec 10, 2015

Students tour Ringer Windows. Georgia Torok (right) and Hendrickson High School Geometry in Construction Class.


Geometry In Construction (GIC) students from Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, TX took time out of the daily studies to learn about windows at Ringer Windows on December 10, 2015. Two geometry classes toured the Ringer Windows manufacturing facility in Taylor, TX. They learned that Ringer Windows vinyl windows are constructed from durable vinyl that is resistant to the damaging UV rays. Windows were being manufactured from cutting the vinyl to 1/16″ precision. Observations were made of window frames being welded on the 4-point Grueller welder. One class was able to see the precision custom manufacturing of arch top windows and how geometry is used in manufacturing windows. The classes observed the glass glazing, insect window screen making, and window assembly. The final portion of the factory tour included how the nail flange is used for new build window installations and why the nail fin isn’t required for replacement window installations.

The tour continued through the Ringer Windows Walk of Windows Showroom and discussions about different styles of windows including horizontal sliders, fixed picture windows, single hung windows and how double hung windows are easy to clean from inside your home. Demonstrations on the effects of the sun heating glass was observed and how different types of Low-E glass is like window sunscreen. Students also observed that even when it is frosty cold outside, that double pane windows insulate against freezing temperatures.

Students attending the Geometry in Construction class spend a year applying their geometry knowledge in real world applications by constructing a real home. Students learn about framing, flooring, roofing, windows, trim, siding, and tool usage during their full year construction class. Students are attend field trips throughout the school year to area building materials manufacturers, such as Ringer Windows to enhance their learning experience about the home building industry. Ringer Windows will be installed by students into the 2015/2016 Geometry in Construction Home in January. The completed home is offered for sale in May 2016. The Geometry in Construction Class is instructed by Hendrickson High School teachers, Jerry Richey and Brittany Matchett.