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Bay Windows, Bow Windows, & Garden Windows

Green Bay Windows
Green Bay Window

Energy Efficient Specialty Windows

Garden Windows, Bay Windows, and Bow Windows are signature windows, or sets of windows, that protrude from the exterior wall, providing a very special architectural element to most homes. Garden Windows are highly custom items, most commonly found over Kitchen Sinks, Porches, and in Dining Areas! Garden Windows are generally made as a complete single window unit and installed as “one” window. Glass shelves can be added as well as special finishes, etc.
Garden window with straw chicken on glass shelf
Garden Window

Replacement Garden Windows

Unlike a Bay or Bow Window, that usually have a closed top, Garden Windows generally include a sloped glass top so they tend to be brighter. Most Garden Windows are also made with casement sides that crank out so they provide superior ventilation as well. No matter the room, Garden Windows are all custom sized to individually fit into the desired opening.
Replacement Garden Windows and installation
Garden Window

Professional Specialty Window Installations

When installing Bay Windows, Bow Windows, and Garden Windows in replacement applications, it’s often necessary to install new trims on the interior and exterior. The different wall depths, mounting brackets, and other required hardware should be included with the installation with these specialty windows. At Ringer Windows, we always include the additional trims within the installation cost. Our crews are highly experienced with all phases of measuring, ordering, and installing these types of windows.
Bay Window orientation
30-45 Degrees Bay Window
Side View of Garden Windows
Super Wide Garden Window
Bay Window Design Drawing
Bay Window Drawing

Ringer Windows Professional Specialty Window Designs

Garden Windows, Bay Windows, and Bow Windows generally consist of multiple windows, built into the permanent framing of a structure. Bow and Bay windows may have a number of different windows with different configurations and angles. These windows may be built at 30 or 45 degree angles, protruding on average of 12 inches to 3 feet. In all cases, Bays and Bows protrude past the exterior surface of the home. Just like Garden Windows, Bays and Bow Windows are all specialty products that require custom sizing, planning, and manufacturing to fit the desired openings.

Specialty Custom Windows Expertise at Ringer Windows

At Ringer Windows, we bring a level of expertise and product knowledge with Garden windows, Bow Windows, and Bay Windows not found elsewhere. We pour our intense knowledge into every window design so you know you are getting reliable, energy efficient windows from Ringer Windows. We’ll work closely with you to design and build a perfect Specialty Custom Window. Be sure to ask your Ringer Window representative about all your options!

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Garden Window Photo by Gregg Mack, Gregg Mack Photography.