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What is a Boneyard Window?


What is a Boneyard Window? We make tens of thousands of windows each year. Some were made at the wrong size, type, or color while others were simply never picked-up. A few of our Boneyard Windows are simply older sample windows that that were “retired” as we refreshed them with newer windows.

Most of our Boneyard Windows are single one-of-a-kind windows but a few are paired-sets or groupings of the same sizes. Some of these groupings will only be sold in sets. Most of our Boneyard Windows are like-new but a few have very small blemishes. Any Ringer Window that’s not fundamentally sound is destroyed, so all Boneyard Windows are in solid working condition. Each Boneyard Window comes with a full description and picture online. The Public welcomed (and encouraged) to visit our shop to view these windows before they are purchased.


To Access Boneyard Inventory Select Blue Button Under Window Selection


Not all of our Boneyard windows have glass. Unfinished Boneyard Windows will be completed with NEW Insulated Glass and screens, once they are purchased.
This process takes a couple of weeks. All sales of our Boneyard Windows are 100% absolutely final and CASH-ONLY. There is no product warranty with any Boneyard Window.

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