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SS 4010

SS 4010 TEMPERED CLEAR | 47.5” X 11.5”


Retail Price:$219.64

White $195.36 (In-Stock)

Clay/Almond $204.15 (Ready in 7/8 Weeks)

The SS 4010 Tempered/Clear Performa 3300 Series is a highly versatile vinyl window that can be used in both New Construction AND Replacement Window settings, but it is primarily designed, priced, and optimized for new construction settings.  This durable 4010 Horizontal Single Slider Window features a 3“ depth-of-jamb with a reinforced smooth-frame design.  It comes standard with our Tempered Double Strength AND Double Pane Glass, with our most powerful Low-E 366 and Argon Gas combination, and a regular screen over the operable sliding sash.  All Performa Horizontal Slider Windows are configured as an XO.

We stock & carry 56 different sizes and configurations of Performa Stock Windows in our every-day inventory – One of the biggest and most comprehensive selections of Stock Windows in Texas!  Download our Stock Window Pricelist to see all the pricing and specifications.  We often run low or completely sell-out of certain stock sizes from time to time.  Demand for windows is extremely high.  Before ordering, please “call ahead” and check inventory so that we can properly confirm and process your order fulfillment.

Each Performa 3300 stock window features our Cardinal® triple-coat Super Low-E 366 glass with dual-pane technology. All Ringer Windows are made with double-strength AND double-pane glass, so they’re thicker and stronger and more reliable, providing unsurpassed energy efficiency AND superior sound control. Our sun-crushing triple-coat Low-E 366 with Argon provides excellent year-round energy efficiency that’s specifically optimized & designed for Texas.  You simply won’t find this level of quality, efficiency, availability, durability, and affordability with many windows in this price-class. With so much built-in quality included “standard” in our stock windows, it’s one of the best values in the window industry.

Do you need a few custom-sized windows too?  Our Performa 3300 windows can also be custom-sized, usually ready in 7/8 weeks.  This versatile window is easily mulled (joined) to other Performa windows to create multi-window configurations. Our 56 stock sizes are ready for immediate Cash & Carry Purchases to the public AND building professionals.

  • Horizontal Single Slider – Removable Operable Sash
  • Smooth Frame Design – Clean Look
  • Double Pane – Double Strength Glass
  • Super Efficient Windows – Designed for Texas
  • Frame Designed For Expanded Views
  • Superior Cardinal 366 Low-E Glass (with Argon)
  • Color – Linen White (Stocked)
  • Regular Half Screens Included
  • Stock-Sized with Every-Day Discounted Pricing
  • CPU at our Taylor Shop – Delivery Optional & Extra
  • Tempered Safety Glass for Bathrooms/Showers
  • XO Sliding – Custom Configurations Available – Grids Optional
  • Custom Sized (Ready in 7/8 Weeks)
  • 100% Fusion Welded Frame & Sash
  • Heavy Duty Brass Sliding Roller Hardware
  • Reinforced 3” Depth of Frame Design – Extra Strong
  • Mulling Capable – With Other Performa Windows
  • Maintenance-Free 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty
  • Nail Flange Ready
  • SHG .22 • U-Value .30     Standard on All Performa’s



Ringer Windows
205 Mustang Cove
Taylor, TX 76574



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