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Ringer Windows –  “Boneyard Windows”

From time to time, we make windows that do not sell.  Some of these windows were made at the wrong size, others were ordered and never picked-up, and some of these include older “display samples” that we decided to “retire” in lieu of fresher new sample windows. Whatever the reason, we currently have over 250 Boneyard Windows in our inventory that need to GO!  We’ve discounted these windows at substantially lower sales prices, ranging between 30% to 70% off, so there are some really great values.

All of our Boneyard Windows are in good working order.  Some might have slight blemishes, but all windows in our Boneyard Inventory are in good working shape.  Some of our Boneyard Windows are “Frame Only” at this point, so after someone buys them, we will order and install new glass.  Windows that require glass will take 10 to 14 days to complete but the low price remains good!  Many of our Boneyard Windows are completely finished, with glass, and ready for immediate use!  We do NOT ship windows so they must be purchased in person or over the phone.  All windows must be picked-up in person.  All purchases must be made with CASH or DEBIT CARD.  No checks or credit cards…..    All windows sold “AS IS” – No Warranty & No Refunds with NO Exceptions.

Some of our Boneyard Windows have nail flanges while others do not.  They can all be used in any application for replacement OR new construction.  We will include special fastening screws for windows that do not have nail flanges.  They will be provided at NO CHARGE.

ALL SALES OF 250 BONEYARD WINDOWS ARE 100% FINAL AND THE WINDOWS ARE SOLD AS-IN.  Each window is listed and can be reviewed through our website under the STOCK WINDOW Tab at the bottom.  Each window includes a picture, description, and price of each Boneyard Window.  We only update our Boneyard Web Section once a week, so everyone is encouraged to call and check on the status of a window(s) before they make the trip to our shop in Taylor, Texas.  512-989-7000.

Thanks, Greg Ringer