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Ringer Windows
205 Mustang Cove
Taylor, TX 76574
(512) 989-7000

Sales Office
7901 Cameron Road
Building 1, Ste 112
Austin, TX 78754

All sales final.
All windows including stock.
No refunds, no exchanges,
no exceptions.
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Ringer Windows No Refund, No Return, No Exchange Policy


When our customers purchase a window, they expect to purchase new windows that are completely new and without flaw. The issue with “returned” or “exchanged” windows is that we have no idea what happens to them while they were not in our possession.

Windows can be dropped, mishandled, abused, or suffer any number of methods of misuse or mishandling during transportation or storage. In order to maintain the highest quality with our windows, we will no longer accept (or provide) any returns, exchanges, or refunds on windows that leave our premise. This includes both STOCK WINDOWS and CUSTOM WINDOWS.

Stock window orders may be cancelled or modified anytime prior to pick-up. Once windows leave our premise, there are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Custom sized window orders may be stopped or cancelled if we have not begun any part of the processing. Once ANY part of the manufacturing process starts, for any custom sized window, there are no refunds, no returns, or exchanges.

Please make sure that your window purchase is accurate and correct in every aspect before you complete your order.



Greg Ringer, Owner