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5068 Almond Sliding Patio Door

PD2000 Series KD Door - (Knocked-Down) Assembly Required Reversible - Right or Left Operable Panel
5068 | Tempered | 59.5” x 79.5”

Retail Price: $1,357.92

White $1,017.13

Clay/Almond $1,032.39

The 5068 Almond, PD2000 Sliding Patio Door is a premium-grade sliding patio door that’s designed for New Construction AND Replacement Settings. We carry NINE stock-size 2-Panel sliding patio doors with our every day Cash & Carry program! The sizes are (5068 – 6068 – 8068), and we stock them in all 3 Ringer Window colors. This heavy-duty door features a 6” depth-of-frame, with thicker sash elements and superior components, including premium grade locks, sun-crushing Cardinal Low-E 366 glass, and our adjustable easy-glide roller systems.

Every PD2000 is equipped with a sliding screen door as well. We can also make special custom sized 2-Panel doors in 10 to 14 days, on average. All our PD2000 sliding patio doors are KD doors (“Knocked Down”). KD doors require assembly before installation but they are easier to transport and much easier to move into final position, especially in “hard to reach” locations. Our 2-Panel doors are reversible so they can be installed as a Right or Left opening door (one panel must be fixed). Assembly of our 2-panel doors takes about an hour with an experienced Installer, and about 2 hours for a skilled DIY’er. We also offer a 4-Panel Sliding Patio Door configuration with an (OXXO).

Our 4-Panel doors feature two fixed panels on the ends with two operable panels in the center. Our 4-Panel doors are also unassembled (KD) and only the most experienced Door Installer should tackle assembly with these doors. Our 4-Panel OXXO doors are ALL custom made-to-order, usually ready in 14 to 17 days once ordered. We also manufacture Sidelites and Transoms, which can be easily joined next-to or over-top of our sliding patio doors to create additional beautiful expanded views/combinations. The addition of a Sidelite or Transom to any of our standard sized doors greatly expands the number of different configurations possible for our clients.

Inquire About This Product

  • 2-Panel Sliding Patio Door – One Side Fixed, One Side Operable
  • 2-Panel Doors Are Reversible – Right or Left Operable Panels
  • Heavy Duty Door, featuring 6” Thick Frame
  • Available in 3 Colors – White • Almond • Clay
  • Cardinal Tempered 366 Low-E Double Pane Insulated Glass
  • 3 Standard Stock-Sizes, 3 Colors, Every Day Special Pricing
  • CPU at our Taylor Shop – Delivery Optional & Extra
  • Custom Sized (14 to 17 days)
  • Custom Sizes Available – Grids Optional
  • 100% Fusion Welded Sashes with Mechanically Assemble Frame
  • Reinforced Design – Extra Strong
  • Mulling Capable – With Sidelites, Transoms, other PD2000 Doors
  • Premium Keyed Lock with Dual Pincher Lock System
  • Maintenance-Free 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty
  • Privacy Glass Can Be Added for Additional Cost
  • Nail Flange Ready
  • SHG .22 • U-Value .30 Typical Thermal Ratings With All Patio Doors
  • Sliding Screen Door(s) Standard With All Doors

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