The People have Spoken – And We’ve Listened


I’m extremely pleased to announce the introduction of our third and newest window series, with our Resolute 4200® vinyl window. Our Resolute is one of the most unique high-quality vinyl windows made in America. This is a BIG & BOLD statement, as big as Texas, and here’s how we back it up!

The creation of our Resolute 4200 is the culmination of what our clients have requested ever since we opened our doors! For the last 12 years, day after day, there’s been one recurring comment that most people tell us when they first call Ringer Windows.

“We want a good window, but it doesn’t have to be your fanciest or most expensive (one). We don’t want “cheap” because we already have cheap but we’re looking for great quality and energy efficiency but we don’t want to spend a lot of money.”

Everything about our new Resolute 4200 is designed to deliver serious value and beauty without sacrificing quality, reliability, or superior energy efficiency. Our Resolute is a bona fide top-level premium replacement-grade window. It features very clean sightlines, so it’s not clunky or “bulky looking”, like much of our competition. Our Resolute has all the looks of an expensive high-end window system but it’s very competitively priced, almost like a new construction window.

Our Resolute 4200 is the absolute 100% REAL DEAL. It has the looks and performance of a high end window with super affordable pricing. The People Have Spoken, and we listened!

Our new Resolute 4200 works great in virtually any setting, whether as a premium replacement-grade window or in new construction settings! We’ve simplified the design and configurations of our Resolute, helping to keep it super affordable. It’s a non-tilting window system, available as a Single Hung, Architectural Single Hung, Single Slider, Fixed Picture Window, a 3-Lite Slider, and a variety of Special Shapes. The Resolute 4200 can also be (paired) with other windows to create big & beautiful combinations, and it’s available in all 3 of our colors, in White, Almond, and Clay. Lots of options and choices!

Why is Ringer Windows DIFFERENT & BETTER? Everything we manufacture and/or install is 100% FACTORY-DIRECT and local (from Taylor, Texas). All of our windows and sliding patio doors are optimized to work best, right here in Texas. By eliminating all of the middlemen, and making windows specifically for Texas, we bring ALL our products and services directly-to-market in Texas, for Texans!

We are currently setting-up our Production Lines and installing our specialty machinery to begin production of our new Resolute 4200. We expect to begin delivery in October, 2017. Initial demand for the Resolute 4200 is projected to be very high so as we near actual production dates, we’ll be pre-releasing special introductory pricing, for a short while, to commemorate the launch of our new window! Make sure to check our Website often to take advantage of what’s sure to be a most “special product launch” with prices that will “wow” just about everyone!

– Greg Ringer