Window Comparisons: Resolute 4200 Vs. Elite 5400


Comparing Windows and Style Differences between the Resolute 4200 and Elite 5400 Window Systems


Window style differences between the Resolute 4200 and the Elite 5400 window systems relate to appearance, style, and function therefore allowing you to select the perfect window solution for you! All Ringer Windows share the same great features where it really matters such as glass, vinyl frames, and durable components.

Superior Glass, Durable Vinyls, Quality Components

Great Low-E double pane, double strength or thicker glass sealed with Argon gas with the XL edge steel spacing systems provide the crystal clear viewing you really want in a superior window system. Fusion welded vinyl window frames create strong sash reinforcements  to be able to carry the heavy loads of the glass. Superior vinyl compounds are designed with Texas in mind to combat extreme temperatures.

Window style differences do not affect reliability or energy efficiency! Ringer Windows differences vary among window systems. We have window styles to meet your style requirements for your home. No matter which replacement window system or window style you choose, Ringer Windows will work great, look beautiful and will last a lifetime!

Window Frame Profile Appearance

There are some frame appearance differences between Ringer Windows premium window systems.

Exterior Frame Picture Windows
Top: Elite 5400
Bottom: Resolute 4200

Inside View Picture Windows
Top: Elite 5400
Bottom: Resolute 4200

Resolute 4200 Frame Appearance

The Resolute 4200 window has a flat simple edge exterior frame. The interior has a flat surface. The premium Resolute 4200 single hung windows and horizontal sliding windows have unequal site lines. The moving sash shows 3 ¼” vinyl from the glass to the outer edge of the vinyl frame. The fixed glass part of the window shows 2” width of vinyl from the glass to the frame edge. The openings for the single hung and horizontal sliding windows have a fiberglass BetterVue screen to allow more visible light thru than a standard screen.

This screen is removed from outside. The single hung spring block and tackle balances Apex system allow for super easy lifting.

Elite 5400 Frame Appearance

The Premium Elite 5400 window series has an exterior beveled frame profile for a more elegant looking window. There are equal site lines for all 3 operable windows, horizontal sliding, single hung, and double hung windows. The frame width is 2 ¼” to allow for large glass areas. All screens are BetterVue screens. The single hung window and horizontal slider window screens are removed from inside your home and therefore prevent blowing away. The full height double hung screen is removed from outside your home. The tilting sash balances are constant force balances for smooth operation.

Two Single hung windows

Single Hung Window Comparisons. Left: Interior Resolute 4200; Right: Interior Elite 5400

Clay window on left, white window on right

Left: Exterior Elite 5400 Single hung Window; Right: Exterior Resolute 4200 Single hung window

Window Style and Function Differences


Simplify with Resolute 4200


The Resolute 4200 window system comes in these great window types; Single hung, single horizontal sliding, fixed picture windows, casement, and awning windows.

Non-Tilting Sash Operability

The single hung window has a non-tilting bottom sash which allows for simple up and down operation. The sash opens the window by using two pull bars on the operable sash, top and bottom. There are two pull bars which makes it easier to reach to close a tall window. Single hung windows may have straight sides or may curve into arch top single hung windows.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows or three-lite sliding horizontal windows allow  the operable sash (you may choose the operable sash side) to slide left to right on brass rollers. You may remove the standard BetterVue® Screen from the exterior for both these windows.

Great Views with Fixed Windows, Casements and Awnings

Fixed picture windows do not open. Picture windows are straight sided or with curves or other geometries. Need open views and open windows? You can select casement or awning windows that allow for the entire sash to swing out using a crank. Remove screens from inside your home!

The Elite 5400 Windows are Full Featured with Double Hung Windows

The Elite 5400  window system has same window styles as the premium Resolute 4200 Series but with the addition of the double hung window. The double hung windows are easy to clean and allow for individual operation of bottom and top sashes. Double hung windows allow for great flexibility of opening sashes from the top or the bottom or both at the same time! A full BetterVue® Screen keeps insects out while allowing dual sash operation. The double hung window sashes both tilt-in to allow for easy inside cleaning!

Tilt-in Lower Sash Single hung window

The Elite 5400 single hung window has a tilting lower sash to allow for the lower sash glass to be cleaned from inside without removing the screen. Single hung windows and fixed picture windows may be straight sided or may curve into arches.


Choose Ringer Windows for your Window Replacement

Choosing different windows depends on windows sizes, shapes, operability requirements, and building codes. Meet with your professional Ringer Windows team member to help you choose the best windows for your home.