Tornado vs Ringer Performa 3300 Window – True Story


A client just purchased his 3rd house package of windows with us, using our Performa 3300 Window Series. He shared an interesting story that I think is worth sharing with everyone.

This particular client owns a parcel of land outside Taylor, in a small community named Thrall. A month or so ago, they had an F2 tornado that touched down, which created some fairly serious damage. Fortunately, the area where it hit was fairly isolated and no one was seriously hurt, but there were homes that sustained fairly serious damage.

This particular client has built 4 small spec homes on his property and they were all in the same path and vicinity of the tornado. 2 of his homes have MI windows and the other 2 have Ringer Windows (Performa 3300). He told me that the MI windows all blew out and failed while his 2 homes with Ringer Windows held fast. He attributed the lack of damage with our windows to the durability of our thicker and heavier double strength glass and our stout 3” deep frame. I quote from our client, “The windows that failed were flimsy feeling from the start, not yours”.

In all fairness, I don’t know the exact path of the tornado as it hit his 4 spec homes, nor do I know all the details that might have affected the outcome of this particular scenario. I’m just relaying direct testimony from a client. However, for this client, he only wants Ringer Windows in his homes from now on!

We talk to a lot of contractors and builders every day about their projects. Most of their projects involve rental properties, flipper jobs, or some type of new construction project where the lowest-priced building components is their only concern. They always ask for high quality, but rarely do their decisions reflect anything other than the lowest price.

We always remind our potential clients that there really are differences between builder-grade windows vs. something better, like our Performa 3300. Our Performa 3300 looks like a bit like builder window but it features a thicker and heavier 3” deep frame with heavier double strength glass. Most builder windows use single strength glass in a 2 ½” frame.

From a mere durability standpoint, our Performa 3300 window series PERFORMS more like a premium-grade window system than a builder grade window. The good news is that our Performa is priced very competitively priced! Plus, we stock a ton of different sizes so it’s Cash & Carry with NO waiting for most of our 58 stock sizes!

In summation, you CAN purchase a less expensive builder-grade window easy enough. If quality is not a concern and price is your only consideration, call me and I’ll tell you where to find these types of windows. However, if you don’t mind spending a few dollars more for superior durability, unsurpassed energy efficiency, immediate availability, and top-notch customer service, I hope you’ll look us up!